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The Release of the Second Preview for DEEMO THE MOVIE -The start of its manga series adaptation

Pony Canyon Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / president & COO: Takashi Yoshimura) released the second preview and created an official Twitter account for theatrical anime film DEEMO THE MOVIE currently in production. It also announced the launch of a DEEMO manga adaptation on Ichijinsha’s manga magazine Comic ZERO-SUM.

“DEEMO,” a Smartphone app that inspired this theatrical film, has been downloaded over 24 million times around the world. The production is a collaboration between Pony Canyon and Production I.G that played an integral role in making Attack on Titan a global success. For this film adaptation that has been garnering international attention, the theme song and image songs are written by Yuki Kajiura who has composed the score for numerous works of anime and film including Fate/Zero and Demon Slayer. The theme song will be performed by Hinano Takashima, the winner who is only 14 years old of the “Utahime” audition whose Cinderella story is being told all over the world about her triumph in the open casting call with 1,400 applicants. Her official YouTube channel has been launched at the same time with the announcement.

As the production of DEEMO THE MOVIE gradually progresses toward its release, follow all its social media accounts for the latest updates. 

DEEMO THE MOVIE official site:

DEEMO THE MOVIE official Twitter account:

The DEEMO manga series adaption on Ichijinsha’s Comic ZERO-SUM

Illustrated by Niwa Haruki

Hinano Takashima’s official YouTube channel:



Deemo, a mysterious lonely character that plays the piano in a castle. One day, a girl who has lost her memory comes falling from the sky. A gentle, ephemeral story of love spun by Deemo, the girl, the mystical residents of the castle, and a tree that grows with the sound of the piano.

Production crew

Based on “DEEMO,” a game created by Rayark Inc.

Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaku, Bun-o Fujisawa

Executive director: Junichi Fujisaku

Director: Shuhei Matsushita

Assistant director: Yoshihiro Hiramine

Character design: Mebachi

Storyboard artist: Yoshitsugi Yoshida

Art design: Hiromasa Ogura

Background setting: Hiroumi Yoshida

Color design: Yumiko Katayama

CG director: Naofumi Mishina


Director of photography: Hisashi Ezura

Color grading: Akira Saitoh

Editing: Yoshinori Murakami

Sound director: Jin Aketagawa

Sound production: Magic Capsule

Theme song written by Yuki Kajiura

Animation: SIGNAL.MD, Production I.G Group

Produced by Pony Canyon

Voice-over cast

Ayana Taketatsu and others

DEEMO THE MOVIE official website:

ⓒ2020 Rayark Inc. /DEEMO THE MOVIE Production Committee