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A New Generation of Talent Mixing Japanese Rock and Hip-hop, (sic)boy Releases His First Album “CHAOS TAPE”

(sic)boy is a new artist and next-generation musician based in Tokyo. He has been causing a stir across Japan with his crossover sound that blends Japanese rock and hip-hop.

“Heaven’s Drive,” which was released in July 2020, has been attracting a lot of attention having already surpassed 6 million cumulative plays across various subscription services.

The turning point that led to his debut was the sensation caused by “NEVERENDING??,” which he released under his former name, Sid the Lynch, on Sound Cloud. He then changed his artist name to (sic)boy, and he has been vigorously continuing his activities since. He has released hit after hit, with “Akuma Emoji,” the single he released in 2020, the aforementioned “Heaven’s Drive,” and the lead singles “Ghost of You” and “Set me free feat. JUBEE” from his new album, and he is now ready to finally release his first full album.




[Digital Singles]

“Akuma Emoji”

“Heaven’s Drive feat. vividboooy (Prod. KM)”

“Ghost of You”

“Set me free feat. JUBEE”

[First Album]

Artist Name: (sic)boy, KM

Album Name: CHAOS TAPE

Release: October 28th, 2020 (Wed.) 12:00 AM

Transmission Link:



2. Set me free feat. JUBEE


4. The City That’s Not Sleepy

5. Heaven’s Drive feat. vividboooy

6. Pink Vomit Interlude

7. Pink Vomit feat. LEX

8. Ghost of You

9. U&(dead)I

10. Revolving Lantern

11. Kill this feat. Only U

12. Akuma Emoji

Label: add. some labels

Management & Released by Fujipacific Music Inc.

Distributed & Promoted by NexTone Inc.