The Launch of “Step into Meiji University,” a Branded Website that Conveys the Appeal of Meiji University’s Ten Undergraduate Schools

Meiji University launched “Step into Meiji University,” ( a branded website designed to convey the appeal and unique features of each of its ten undergraduate schools on Tuesday, September 29.

This website was created with the goal of informing visitors about the unique features of the university’s undergraduate schools in a brief period of time. It is aimed in particular at students preparing to take entrance examinations who do not have much free time due to their studies and extracurricular activities, with the assumption being that junior and senior high school students will access it from their smartphones. The headline content is short introductory movies for each undergraduate school that were edited down to about two minutes each that are titled “Concept Movies in Ten Shades for the Ten Undergraduate Schools.” Based on messages that each undergraduate school would like to convey to students preparing to take the entrance examination, each individual movie is presented via production featuring different compositions and senses of speed. (*These were filmed in Academic Year 2019, only the movie by the School of Arts and Letters is currently still in production.)

In addition, by coordinating with MEIJI NOW, an informational website for Meiji University students, and, a website that disseminates information linking the university to society, the site has been set up so that it compiles together and presents relevant articles from both of these sites in addition to movies from the undergraduate schools and campuses. By displaying information in side-by-side tabs for each undergraduate school, the website conveys an even greater amount of information by giving forethought to the burden of accessing the information placed on the user.

At Meiji University, each undergraduate and graduate school establishes their own unique curricula based on the school’s educational ideal of aiming to be “a university that empowers the individual.” In addition, the university offers numerous programs that cut across undergraduate schools, including a system for taking classes in other undergraduate schools, international exchanges, career education, and more. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance the site’s content with the intention of conveying the appeal and unique features of Meiji University as much as possible.

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