BANDAI NAMCO Research’s AI Research Development Engineer Awarded Gold Medal in Kaggle’s Halite

~Independently participated to finish 2nd amongst 1143 teams~

In Halite by Two Sigma, a simulation contest by Kaggle (an international competition platform for data analysis and machine learning), Sho Aita, an AI R&D engineer affiliated with BANDAI NAMCO Research’s Advanced Technology Section, Technology Development Division, earned a
gold medal.

Kaggle is a platform offering online competitions of various themes prepared by companies, government bodies, etc. Data scientists from around the world take part in tackling various tasks utilizing data analysis,
machine learning, etc.

Halite is an AI programming challenge created by Two Sigma. It takes the form of a 4-player battle-type game where players operate multiple ships to collect and bring back “halite” (rock salt). Participants develop and submit the AI. On Kaggle, registered AIs, those with similar abilities are matched, the ranking (1st to 4th) is decided according to the amount of Halite at the end of the game, and the AI score fluctuates for each battle according to the ranking. They compete repeatedly during the competition period and the final ranking will be determined by the score at the end of the period.

1143 teams took place in this latest contest, however Aita participated as an individual to rank 2nd place. BANDAI NAMCO Research’s Technology Development Division researches and develops advanced technologies. It widely investigates, researches, and conducts proof-of-concept tests for
AI and other advanced technologies which will form the essence of future entertainment. Since the company’s establishment in 2019, it has encouraged participation in Kaggle alongside patent concepts and paper submission, and will continue to do so with the aim of improving its engineers’ data analysis and AI technology capabilities. Kaggle “Halite by Two Sigma”:

■ Kaggle Halite by Two Sigma

About Kaggle

With around 3 million registered participants worldwide, Kaggle is the largest data analysis and machine learning competition platform. Registration is free, and online competitions with various themes are offered by companies, government bodies, etc. Data scientists from across the globe challenge themselves on Kaggle, of which BANDAI NAMCO Research is also a member.
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About Halite
Halite is an AI programming challenge created by Two Sigma. Participants write bots using the programming language of their choice to compete in an original online multiplayer game.
・Halite reference website:

About BANDAI NAMCO Research
With advanced technology R&D as its starting point, BANDAI NAMCO Research is an “Entertainment Innovation Organization” “Creating Entertainment Innovation.”
It will continue maximizing the knowledge it has cultivated in the entertainment production field and proactively co-creating with the world’s innovators to conceive brand new forms of play and entertainment.
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