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Kento Mori, who reached the world’s most prestigious stage, is taking a step forward as a social innovator to make a difference for dancers’ rights.

One (group) will be selected from among the top dance creators, who obtains the most views on social media. Kento will give part of the music rights as an empowerment contract using the GESREC legal tech platform*.

[Background: About dancers and rights]

Until now, dancers have been a profession that works very closely with rights, yet is far from acquiring them. No matter how far one rises in the world, it is a tough job that if one is injured, one will lose its income immediately.

Only a few blessed dancers can obtain the title of “choreographer”. Even so, the choreography is a one-time reward system, and the fee varies. No matter how many dance works are left in the world, no matter how many works are left in people’s hearts, only the first reward will be returned to the creator.

[A new step forward under the pandemic]

In the world of dance, it is the greatest honor to be selected as exclusive dancers by the top artists. Kento Mori was among the few who stepped into this area. And yet, even he didn’t break through the limitations of being a dancer and earn the rights. 

Meanwhile, the global entertainment industry is facing major difficulties due to the pandemic. Studios have been forced out of business and many great events built over time are collapsing.

Even so, people who love dance, including Kento has not lost hope. On the contrary, they are trying to break through the limits put on dancers. Especially for the next generation of dance creators, they made a big decision.

“Empowerment contract*”

With this contract, dance creators will be the first in the world to acquire rights and be empowered. Not only Kento himself but nearly the entire dance population have been craving such rights. This is just one contract but the first important step to a new history for dancers and hope such contract will become the norm in the near future.

[Invitation to the contest]

Period: October 1st – October 31st (both JPT)

Reward: Kent Mori will personally select the top dance creators who obtained the most view count during the period and will be given the opportunity to sign the empowerment contract.

Song: “Yen Yen” KENTO

 ・Music:Free download from Soundcloud

 ・YouTube「YenYen(AR LIVE Performance Ver.)/ KENTO

How to apply:

Use the above song for longer than 15 seconds and post the dance moves on social media using the hashtags #dance4rights, and #yenyen_kento.

Email screenshot(s) indicating the number of view counts  (

If the account is owned by the same person, the total views will be calculated no matter how many posts.

* Posts deemed offensive to public order and morals, negative comments on the song, or fraudulent may be considered invalid.

[About the song “Yen Yen”]

Entertainment should be “priceless”, but in the real world, the value and price are inevitably decided. Dance is originally a prayer, and the wishes vary, such as world peace or to show what is in one’s heart. This is a song that was born in the process of re-examining the ideal form of such entertainment.

* Empowerment contract support by “GESREC”:

Mikro Entertainment Inc. provides GESREC aiming to support the dance community. With the new service it just launched, dance creators and music creators can easily contract for collaboration through its legal tech expertise.

Kento Mori: 

Kento appeared on many award shows including the GRAMMY Awards. He has also performed in 50 countries and more than 200 major cities. He has been a dancer for the world’s top artists such as Madonna, Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Chaka Khan, and Ciara. He was chosen in the audition of “THIS IS IT” by Michael Jackson but he could not accept it due to his ongoing contract with Madonna. However, shortly after Michael Jackson passed away, he performed in memory of Michael Jackson at the London O2 Arena during Madonna’s world tour.

Kento then transformed himself to become the world’s first AR artist. He partnered with Moment Factory to extend the possibilities of entertainment using AR supported by real-time motion capture technology. It enabled him to control AR effects matching his live dance movements.

Moment Factory:

Moment Factory has produced more than 400 unique projects since its establishment in 2001 such as live performances by Cirque du Soleil, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, and the Super Bowl halftime shows.




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