19-year-old trilingual singer & rapper “MAYA”, from Japan – Her world debut single, Only what I like

MAYA, a 19-year-old singer and rapper whose mother is Russian and a father is half-Mexican and half-Japanese, is making her long-awaited sensational debut. MAYA herself is trilingual – fluent in English, Japanese and Russian. Her debut single, Only what I like, is composed of plenty of English and Japanese lyrics, clearly making it a song with its sights set on the world. In terms of production, the track is being released by Kickoff Entertainment, a new label with an array of music producers that includes Scotty Ferguson from France. Also noteworthy is the production, which is bursting with creativity.

Worldwide distribution of debut song, Only what I like, just kicked off on August 14th, 2020

Song title:  Only what I like
Name of artist: MAYA
Label:  Kickoff Entertainment

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