The Center For Innovation (CFI) Officially Registered as a Gateway to Global Education Innovation in Japan

The Center For Innovation (CFI), located in Nerima ward, Tokyo, is excited to announce that it is officially registered by the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau as a General Incorporated Association (GIA) as of May 15th, 2020, dedicated to providing a gateway to global education innovation in Japan.

CFI is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to working with key partners to develop innovative educational technology resources and services that can foster learner inquiry, agency and collaboration in Japan, and beyond.

In particular, CFI is committed to supporting the Japanese Ministry of Education’s (MEXT) reform initiative with an aim to develop student-centered, inquiry-based, collaborative and internationally-minded approaches for next-generation Japanese learners. As a “Gateway to Global Education Innovation”, CFI builds access to international education thought leaders and progressive strategies that are relevant to Japan’s educational vision.  CFI also works directly with partner institutions to develop digital campuses, teaching resources, training resources and technology infrastructure in order to improve learner outcomes, increase teacher capability and facilitate organisational growth.

CFI Director, Edward Lawless, observes:  “Japan has so many excellent initiatives underway that are designed to fulfill their future vision for a globalized ‘Society 5.0’ that balances economic and social priorities through the innovative integration of both digital and traditional educational conditions. Current Japanese programs for the development of active learning, ‘connected’ classrooms, integrated studies, global high schools and universities, International Baccalaureate programs in public schools and other initiatives resonate with internationally recognised priorities and best practices. Unfortunately, language differences often make it difficult for Japanese educators to access and benefit from the many international resources and forums that are currently advancing these educational priorities  around the world. CFI is committed to providing a gateway by which local practitioners can gain access to global thought leaders and recognised resource areas in education innovation that meet Japan’s needs.”

CFI also supports schools and educational organisations in the development of their own online learning environments and digital resource centres. In collaboration with CFI, partners can develop their online campus spaces with relevant cloud-based programs and activities that meet their particular teacher training and student instruction needs.  CFI provides a robust, world-recognised and easy-to-use online learning platform as well as a support team with extensive experience in international education, edtech integration, blended learning and online learning. Schools and organisations benefit from CFI’s flexible, user-friendly training and a range of purpose-built digital development templates and processes that make it easy for them to design, develop, implement and evaluate their own digital resources. 

CFI has already supported initiatives with partners such as Southern Cross University in Australia, the Aoba-Japan International School Group in Tokyo and Enko Education – a fast-growing network of 15 international schools across Africa. They are also working with the UK-based TES organisation. Previously known as The Times Educational Supplement, TES is one of the world’s largest, professional digital communities connecting more than 13 million educators globally. The two groups are exploring ways to make select items from Tes’ world-recognised catalogue of online teacher training and resources available to Japanese educators.

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