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‘Rakko Tools’ Released 100+ Web Tools and Has Exceeded 250,000 PVs Monthly

ThinKraft, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, Pres.: Yasutaka Sakatani) announces that on its web tool service ‘Rakko Tools’, more than 100 tools are offered and the free online tool website has exceeded 250,000 PVs per month.

Rakko Tools:

About Rakko Tools

Rakko Tools is a free online tool website mainly targeted at website owners. Other than English and Japanese, it is translated multilingually.

Rakko Tools:

Popular web tools on Rakko Tools

– Extract Page Title, Description, Robots and Canonical url from URLs

– Password Generator: generating random passwords right away

– Whois Lookup

– Character and Byte Counter

– HTTP Header Lookup

– QR Code Generator

– Open Graph Debugger/ Simulator: for Facebook/ Twitter/ LINE

About the Operating Company

Thinkraft, Inc.

Founded in November 2015, it has planned and managed online medias, sold old domains, undertaken SEO business, etc.

Representative (Pres.): Mr. Yasutaka Sakatani 

Head Office Address: 1-19-12, Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 JAPAN

Operating Services

Rakko M&A

Old Domain Seller

Fetch Related Keywords Tool

Gokilabo – Cockroach Laboratory


Media Contact:
Tsuyoshi Sakamoto
COO / Managing Director – ThinKraft, Inc.