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#013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen ~Duration: January 22 (Wed) – March 15 (Sun), 2020~

A new experiential music program based on the rock band Queen opens at the Ginza Sony Park. #QUEENINTHEPARK #ginzasonypark

Ginza Sony Park is holding its 13th experimental program, #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen, starting from January 22, 2020 (Wed). The program is timed to coincide with a Japanese tour by Queen, the legendary rock band which has thrilled generations of fans with its innovative sounds.

During the #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen program, the whole park will be filled with ‘playful’ experiential exhibits themed around world-famous and much-loved Queen classics such as ‘We Will Rock You,’ ‘We are the Champions’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

The program offers a variety of activities that go beyond just listening to songs. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves fully in the world of Queen’s music through a wide range of experiences including one that allows them to feel like members of the band and another featuring the ‘Fragment Shadow’ multi-projection system that lets them overlap their shadows with the members’ silhouettes in 3D format.

The Bohemian Rhapsody – Sound VR exhibit uses Sonic Surf VR, a spatial audio technology that uses proprietary sound field synthesis algorithms developed by Sony to place sound anywhere in a given space. The sounds move, slip away and resonate differently based on where listeners stand, creating a new and exciting acoustic experience. The event also has original speaker arrangements that have never been tried before.

Furthermore, the park is filled with ‘QUEEN IN THE PARK Objet’ artwork, specially-made neon signs and other features designed to create a stimulating atmosphere where visitors can experience Queen’s music to their hearts’ content.

Through this program, both long-time fans of Queen and new listeners will be able to experience the thrills and surprises offered by a new musical experience that allows visitors to go from merely listening to sounds to actually living in the music.

Comments from Queen members ahead of the program’s launch

Comment from Brian May, guitarist

Japan has a special place in our hearts for having helped Queen rise to popularity. I was surprised to hear that they had created park in the middle of Ginza, which is such a symbolic city in Japan—even more that it had been dedicated to our band. This fusion of entertainment and technology at Ginza Sony Park is sure to be full of fun and a new kind of musical experience for all the visitors—including us. It may even lead to uncovering new aspects of our music. We, too, are looking forward to having fun at QUEEN IN THE PARK and immersing ourselves in the music.

Comment from Roger Taylor, drummer

As Brian said, this sort of program is a first for us. I don’t think anyone other than Ginza Sony Park could have made this possible, considering their successes in creating many exciting programs in the past. I hope the experience of ‘not just listening’ to music at this Queen-themed park will provide an opportunity for many people to enjoy our songs.

Overview of Exhibits

We will Rock You – Melody Steps (Park GL / Ground Level)

The irresistibly catchy intro beats of ‘We will Rock You’ have been incorporated into the Do-re-mi Steps (melody steps) that visitors familiar with the old Sony building will recognize. Climb down the steps leading from the park’s ground floor to the basement rhythmically following the iconic “kick kick clap” beat. The stairs are designed to play Freddie’s vocals when visitors step on them just right.

Radio Ga Ga – Radio Installation (Park B1 / Basement 1)

A total of 70 large and small radios have been arranged so that the combination of their individual sounds plays a tune. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the nostalgic sound of Sony’s classic radios.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Sound VR (Park B2 / Basement 2)

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ plays through a 10m-long tunnel space, surrounding visitors with three-dimensional sounds of the vocals, chorus, guitar, bass, drums and other instruments from every angle. This exhibit is an acoustic experience brought about by Sony’s ‘Sonic Surf VR’ spatial audio technology, a technology that creates audio spaces filled with multiple sounds coming from various locations and allows visitors to enjoy a unique sense of presence and immersion.

*Sonic Surf VR reference URL

Bohemian Rhapsody – Video Parody (Park B2 / Basement 2)

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has one of the most iconic music videos in the world. When visitors enters a booth and record themselves moving their lips, the footage is transformed into an exhibition experience where their faces replace the members’ faces. Up to 4 people can enjoy this experience at the same time.

We are the Champions – Karaoke Champion (Park B3 / Basement 3)

Everyone can be Queen for a moment by boldly belting out ‘We are the Champions’ in a dedicated karaoke box. The box has the music video along with fun karaoke. Now everyone can throw their heads back and scream just like Freddie Mercury.

Another one Bites the Dust – Fragment Shadow (Park B3 / Basement 3)

A visual way to experience music with Fragment Shadow, a multi-projection system that transforms real shadows created by light. Silhouettes of Queen members and music lyrics appear to mix together with visitors’ shadows as they move through a projection approximately 13 meters wide, creating the illusion of actually being inside the screen.

*Fragment Shadow reference URL

Jewels – Donation Juke Box (Park B4 / Basement 4)

This exhibit features a specially-made juke box that plays music by Queen. Visitors place money in the donation box and then select the song of their choice from the 16 songs on the ‘Jewels’ album. The song is then played as the Park background music for the 4th floor of the basement.

*Money donated will be donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide.

* The Mercury Phoenix Trust URL

*The juke box can only accept donations in Japanese yen.

Kiosk (Park B1 / Basement 1)

Books, CDs, DVDs and other Queen merchandise are available for purchase at the Kiosk on the 1st floor of the basement. Every purchase of ‘Greatest Hits in Japan,’ a special best-of album celebrating Queen’s performances in Japan, will come with a special calendar (available while stocks last). Buyers will also receive free limited-edition stickers.

<#013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen Event Overview>

Title: #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with Queen 

Duration: January 22 (Wed) – March 15 (Sun), 2020

Hours: 10:00 – 20:00

Venue: Ginza Sony Park

Admission: Free


Social Media Accounts: @ginzasonypark (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) 

Hashtags: #QUEENINTHEPARK #ginzasonypark


About Ginza Sony Park

The Ginza Sony Park is an experimental park in the city, open until the fall of 2020 when the new Sony Building will begin construction. It has inherited the concept of providing a public space, which has been upheld since the establishment of the old Sony Building. It holds various experiential events and live performances throughout the year that surprise and delight visitors. It is an open, vertical park extending four stories underground. Since its opening on August 9, 2018, over five million people* have visited the park.

*As of November 30, 2019

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