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Japanese Cool Town, Shimokitazawa Will Hold an Eating & Drinking Event – ‘Tokyo Bar Hopping Shimokitazawa’ in Which 30,000 People Have Participated Will Be Held For 19 Days With 82 Bars, Which is The Longest and Biggest in The Past!

Tokyo Bar Hopping Shimokitazawa, is held by I LOVE Co, Ltd (in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo President: Tomonori Nishiyama) and Shimokitazawa Promotion Union. This is a bar hopping event of finding your favorite bars and make new friends.
In this time, we prepare for English maps and menus for foreign people to enjoy Shimokitazawa.

About Tokyo Bar Hopping Shimokitazawa

Tokyo Bar Hopping Shimokitazawa is a local-wide event that offers an opportunity to explore a range of Shimokitazawa’s most intriguing Izakayas(Japanese style pubs).

This event which has been attended by more than 30,000 people, whose participants has been growing at each time.

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According to a ranking article ”’Time Out Index 2019”, a large-scale global city survey released by Time Out in 2019, Japan’s only Shimokitazawa ranked in the ”Top 50 Coolest Towns in the World”, was ranked second. Also, the TV Asahi broadcast “The latest survey in the fall of 2019! Popular local souvenir rankings for foreigners to buy” (broadcasted on November 23, 2019), Shimokitazawa’s second-hand clothing was ranked as the third place. From these media, We can expect that foreigners visiting Shimokitazawa will increase. 

Therefore, in this time, we prepare English maps and menus for foreigners to enjoy and spreading charms of Shimokitazawa by special dishes. This is a little difficult for them to explore smoothly in the labyrinth-like alleyways of Shimokitazawa, but they can find intriguing restaurants with the map.

Showing the wristband at restaurants, you can enjoy ‘A Special dish and a drink(1,000yen)’ or ‘1st drink(400yen)’ without cover charge. Participants safely enjoy drinking at new bars because the price is known in advance. While  enjoying a special dish, for people who have favorite spots, we hope them to find your new favorite stores. And for beginners of bar hopping, let’s enjoy bar hopping and find your favorite bars.


Special dishes
Past event
Past event

Name: Tokyo Bar Hopping Shimokitazawa

Date: February 6 (Thr) to February 24 (Mon)    For 19days

*Times are based on each restaurant’ business hours.

Contents: This is an eating and drinking event to find your favorite bars and make new friends by stamp collecting while you enjoy a special food and drinks of 82 participating companies.

Showing “Baru Baru Shimokitazawa” event wristband gives you access to special dishes without a cover charge at the participating bars.

Enjoy bar hopping at a discount! 

Reception area: The square opposite Shimokitazawa Station East Exit

How to participate: Purchasing a “Baru Baru Shimokitazawa” event wristband will eliminate cover charge and give you access to special dishes across 82 participating bars.  Enjoy bar hopping at a discount!


1DAY At door:700 yen

Repeat customers’ discount:300 yen

*During the event, repeat discount will be applied for the second and subsequent participants by showing the wristband purchased last time. 

19DAYS(Limited to 100) At door:1,200yen

・Where to purchase: 82 participating bars and Reception area(during the event)   

Limited menu for people wear the wristband

A special dish and 1st drink:1,000yen

1st drink: 400 yen

Hosts: Shimokitazawa Promotion Union(Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Shopping Street Promote Association, Shimokitazawa South Shopping Street Promote Association, SHIMOKITA Shopping Street Promote Association,

Shimokitazawa Azuma-kai Shopping Street Association, Daizawa Street Kyouei-kai Shopping Street Association, Shimokitazawa South Exit Pure Road Shinei Shotenkai Shopping Street Association), and I LOVE Shimokitazawa

Cosponsors: Setagaya – ku, Setagaya Public Corporation for Industrial & Tourism Promote Association and Setagaya Public Corporation for Industrial & Tourism Promotion Tourism Division

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About ‘I love Shimokitazawa’

 ‘I LOVE Shimokitazawa’ is the local project to connect the people who love and try to boost Shimokitazawa. In this website,you can find information about stores, restaurants  and events like Curry Festival.

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