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CEAR, INC. Technology Uses Qualcomm Technologies’ Low-Power Bluetooth Audio SoC and Direct Digital Amplifier Solution.

TOKYO, JAPAN, 12/6/2019 – Yoshitaka Murayama, CEO of Cear, Inc. (headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo,) announced the prototype of one of the first Bluetooth speakers “pavé2” for CES 2020 that is equipped with a combination of the Qualcomm® QCC5125 Bluetooth Audio SoC and Qualcomm® CSRA6640 – incorporating a, single-chip direct digital feedback amplifier technology – implemented by Cear’s latest sound stage control technology “cear Field Ver. 4.0”.
In addition, pavé2 supports the Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio codec technology.

“pavé2” is the successor model of “pavé” that brought an overwhelming sense of realism and a new dimension based on the newly developed sound field control technology, cear Field ver 4.0. Cear is aiming for market introduction in 2020, introducing a new dimension of Bluetooth speaker that outperforms conventional speakers by realizing 3D sound field reproduction and a maximum 15W + 15W output.

[pavé2 image]

 [main function]

– Powered by Cear Field ver 4.0 to reproduce a new dimension of sound field

– Steady connectivity, low latency and high sound quality by Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio that is optimized for high quality sound over Bluetooth, for all applications including gaming and movies.

– With direct digital feedback amplifier technology provided by the Qualcomm® CSRA6640,

– Achieves a maximum 15W + 15W output with a palm-sized compact body

[main specification]

– Dimension: 87.5 x 88 × 69 (mm)

– Bluetooth 5.0

– Supported codec: aptX™ Adaptive, AAC, SBC

– Output: 15W + 15W (max)

– 96kHz / 24bit (max)

[about Cear, Inc.]

– Established as a group company in November 2018 from Kyoei Engineering Co., Ltd.

– Utilizing their own patented technology for sound, they supply technology and software to various manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

– In addition, since 2019, they have officially participated in the Qualcomm® Extension Program where only companies recognized by Qualcomm Technologies can participate.

– Going forward, as a member of the Qualcomm Extension Program, they will promote the development of original products and applications that make full use of the latest technology from Qualcomm Technologies.

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Media Contact : Steve Hanawa

e-mail : steve@cear.co.jp, info@cear.co.jp

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