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Introducing The World’s First Celebrity to Become a Virtual Human.  Mizushima Hiro Appears As a Virtual Human Avatar 【Lewis Hiro Newman】

Innovative, next-generation company “1sec”, the first company in Japan that plans, develops and manages virtual influencers, announces a celebrity virtual humanization project.

As their first project, 1sec created Hiro Mizushima’s virtual human avatar. Mizushima is currently active as an actor, creator and entrepreneur and has about 850,000 Instagram followers.“Lewis Hiro Newman” (Mizushima’s avatar name) will be uploading contents and be active on Instagram.

Hiro Mizushima comments:

 “I’m excited to finally share with you something I have been working on for a while. 
I now exist in the virtual world and my virtual human avatar name is Lewis Hiro Newman. I worked with my friends at 1sec, Japan’s first virtual human production/management company, to create this virtual version of myself.  
You may be wondering why I decided to create a virtual self.
It’s a bit hard to explain but have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made different choices in the past? 
When I was in college, there was a time I contemplated to move abroad or to become an actor in Japan. I wanted to move to London to study art, fashion and music and I dreamed of becoming someone who created beautiful things all around the world, not only in Japan.  
Lewis Hiro Newman gives me a second chance to become that person I couldn’t be before. Mr. Miyaji (founder of 1sec) and I discussed how Lewis could help me write another chapter of my life. Although Lewis and I look the same, Lewis has knowledge and abilities that I lack in and therefore make decisions and live a life different from me. 
Isn’t that exciting? The cool thing is, not only does Lewis live in the virtual world but he also exists in the real world through me. He is going to see things and live a life I’ve always wanted to live.
Lewis was just created but I know that he’s going to do amazing things instead of me and I’m jealous because he gets to stay forever young and chase his dreams and passion.  
I present to you the world’s first virtual and real human collaboration.  
Your support would mean so much to me. In the real world, we can only live one life but using technology, we are now able to live an alternative life that we’ve always dreamed of and be who we always wanted to be. And I think that sounds pretty amazing. “ 

Lewis Hiro Newman plans to be globally active in areas of fashion, art and music and will also challenge to create content that uses AI in the near future.
※ Lewis Hiro Newman is the world’s first celebrity virtual human avatar.

Second project of the celebrity virtual humanization is already in process and 1sec plans to convert more celebrities both in Japan and overseas. 1sec believes that the line between the real and digital world is becoming vague, and therefore everyone will need virtual humans to represent themselves.
1 sec’s business model of virtual humanizing celebrities has a patent pending.

【Photo of virtual human before completion】

【Lewis Hiro Newman Official Instagram】

1sec Company Overview
1sec is a next-generation creative company based in the U.S. that plans and manages virtual humans.

Company name: 1sec inc.
Founder & CEO: Hirokuni Genie Miyaji
Founded:January 29, 2019
Capital:142,000,000JPY(including capital reserve)
US Office:1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, US 90401
Japan Office:3-6-28 Aobadai Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Industry:Planning, developing, managing virtual influencers, AI business(TBA) Website:

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