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euglena Co. launches “The Day Sushi Disappears” campaign, warning about climate change

“The Day Sushi Disappears” campaign has been launched jointly by euglena Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Mitsuru Izumo, CEO; “euglena Co.”) and a Japanese prestige sushi restaurant, Ginza Kyubey.

This campaign aims to warn about the possibility that climate change will affect marine habitats and dramatically change menu at sushi restaurants. In the campaign, euglena Co. has illustrated a forecast of a future* in which certain kind of sushi ingredients will disappear from the ocean around Japan due to a possible climate change, and on a special website (, has announced the 9 ingredients that are at risk of disappearing in the near future. The website visitors can book the date assumed to be the last day each sushi ingredient will be served at Ginza Kyubey. These sushi ingredients include familiar items such as cuttlefish, shako, salmon and salmon roe, scallops, sea urchins, abalone, flounder, sea bream and snow crab.

* This forecast is based on a report by a supervisor of this campaign, Professor Shinichi Ito of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo.


About euglena Co.

euglena Co. listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker: 2931), is the first biotechnology venture company in the world that succeeded in outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae “Euglena” in 2005. We currently operate a Healthcare Business for marketing “Euglena” functional foods/cosmetics and an Energy & Environment Business promoting R&D for biofuel production.

About Ginza Kyubey

Ginza Kyubey is a Japanese prestige sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo with an over 80-year history that was ranked number one in Japan and number three worldwide by LA LISTE 2018, a website with a selection of restaurants from five continents .

euglena Co.’s SDGs-related activities

euglena Co., under its corporate philosophy of “Make People and the Earth Healthy,” seeks to address global environmental issues, food problems, and many other social challenges through its business activities.

  • euglena GENKI program
    euglena Co. has delivered nutrition-rich Euglena cookies to children in Bangladesh since 2014. Part of the sales of our group company is allocated to the operating fund.
  • Bio-fuel business
    euglena Co. has been researching and developing renewable jet and diesel fuel. Because the United States and EUcountries have actively been introducing biofuels with concrete numerical targets while biofuel usage in Japan remains extremely low, euglena Co. aims to supply renewable jet fuel to commercial flights by 2020 in order to make Japan into a biofuel advanced nation.
  • Aged 18 and under, Chief Future Officer 
    Based on the belief that the young people, who become the adults in the future, should be the ones to make decisions about the future, euglena Co. is recruiting an CFO (Chief Future Officer) aged 18 and under who will contribute to enhancing the company’s SDGs-related action plans and targets; within 3 weeks after the announcement of the offer, this position attracted a rush of over 500 applications from inside and outside Japan. The youngster, who is appointed as CFO this October, will represent euglena Co. in many activities, including attending international conferences.

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