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Scouting-ICO questions (number: 51~60) are released!! -Invitation to a new social experiment

Scouting-ICO is a newly invented protocol which makes a intended community not funds of crypto currency.

This page is the invitation for our community “PTG” .
To get this membership, please solve these problems in this page.

DATE: right now
LOCATION: right here

Our community PTG is the decentralized intelligence society, of which purpose is enhancing divergence of talents in blochchain security industry.

Our membership is on a blockchain, and this enables holders to pass many services below.

1) SingularityHive in Osaka


Hub for futurists in Osaka.

2) BlockchainJam at University of Tokyo


One of the biggest crypto events in Japan in 2019. 

3) Online Lobby (Salon) in Ryodan

This system Ryodan enables you to trade membership on DEX either. This will be released in 30 days. On road map, multilanguage chat is going to be enabled in 2019 Q4.

And we plan to make passes for rooms in Tokyo, with a special IoT key systems we are developing. 


Our competition is extremely harsh as there are many members of Mathematical Society in Japan, MENSA Japan (over 130 sd15) , METIQ (over 160 sd15), and MCH Top players in the winners.

The number of limit of the membership is currently set up to 100, and 50 has been already “solved” in Japan.

This social experiment was going on in limited Japanese media like this

and succeeded to make the  autonomous community as a protocol.

This time, this experiment will enter the new phase to check whether this protocol can accomplish the same goal beyond borders and languages. 

When you solve and find answer, jump here

Please refresh the key of the token and make it yours. 

And let us know at Twitter (


Please follow these account. All notices and hints will be here.

And you can check if the question is already solved here

symbol=PTSD, action=refreshkey2, and check your number. 

if you can not  see the pictures of questions, please jump to


token 51 

(author is Minase :METIQ )

if you solved :

token 52

 (Kumasaki: PTG core puzzle dev)

if you solved :

token 53

(Naofumi Yamada: MENSA)

— — — — — — !:497fa0ed05a2e8000c5b020000,z:cf3616c2462d167ed6a00b2dccc9a0aa,u:2a352b00c590c10ec3200c43effd95aa,p:aa55b9edff108ea39f51981d03cc0624,n:1689d304feffc7862a6d25855d378b13,m:8e8b614ea54edc57631ceb07f39c0fc2,i:1677b7d242cc459a919493ddc8b7b195,g:1f8b08086e6e4a5d0003313234332d2a,e:6ae9d538cfed3e3cf248858b755f7ee3 KEY:35 — — — — — -

if you solved :

token 54

(Minase :METIQ)

if you solved :

token 55

(SuperPoor: PTG core puzzle dev

if you solved :

token 56

(SuperPoor: PTG core puzzle dev

There are five players in this room.

 They play “President”, which is Trump card game. 


1. Donald . R . Trump

2. Shinzo . N . Abe 

3. Albert . A . Einstein

4. Jorge . EM . Washington 

5. Leonard . I . Dhikapurio .


※Answer with the full name. All lowercase letters except spaces.

if you solved :

token 57

(SuperPoor: PTG core puzzle dev

if you solved :

token 58

(Wearchy :METIQ

if you solved :

token 59

(Yasuda : MENSA)

What kind of animal does the code show?

(jp: 暗号が示す動物は?)

536870911 268435457 401740285 337042693 366184821 366390645 366047605 336922885 401954301 268452865 400515753 331493897 337039205 272866989 305311221 310989081 310054581 331372333 303591385 268899393 401982837 336764001 366317533 366436861 366294277 337079397 401889309 268435457 536870911

if you solved :

token 60

(TakaiLevel: PTG)

if you solved :


====Exercise Question ( Past Questions and Correct Answers)====

exercise1 (tokenID =12 /math problem/ author : LeonaHioki=Superparanoid)

There’re many many bottles of wine in King’s winery. Somebody put a bottle of extremely toxic wine into this winery. In addition, King had had a extremely strong antidote wine there, and it was replaced, not sure that’s in the winery!

Then, King plans to detect the toxic wine with 30 slaves. What’s the number of wine which is maximum if you can assure that you can detect toxic one?

(Poison in wine kill humans 23 hours 59 minutes, King does not wait a whole day)

exercise2 (tokenID =23 /author : Superpoor)

exercise3 (tokenID =11 /author : Hiruma )

“パスワード” means Password

=====Answer of Exercises=====


What if there’s no antidote wine.

King can mix drops of wines, and test these with slaves. Dead or alive state of a slave is binary. So 30 slaves can express 2³⁰ pattern of wine as 30 bit memory. (more info)

But antidote wine confuse this solution. He can not detect.

We can think this antidote as a one-bit-error. Then we can use Hamming Code to correct the error. 

Hamming distance=1、Total Bit=30

Parity_bit =n

data_bit =k

30>2⁵-1 then k = 30–5=25

2²⁵ pattern is expressible with this case.

The answer is 2²⁵-1 (one throw in)


NW=2, NE=3, SW=7, SE=11

NorthWest=2 NorthEash=3 SouthWest=7 SouthEast=11

Numbers on each center can be factorized to (2,3,5,7,11)

(5 is the center square.)

Then you can factorize the numbers and “Paint” till you see the QR code.

QR-code shows the coordinate of Notredame Cathedral.

“notredame” was set as a password.


max date of each month(31,30,28) % o’clock. 

[About Us]

PTG (Posting Trailers Group) is the society for fans of Math and Puzzles. The main activity initially defined was talking about trailers of movies. Its membership is defined by the possession of PTSD (Posting Trailers with Supreme Discussion) token.

PTG’s progress is mainly lead by Prodct Crowd Sale protocol engineers.


security of the protocol:

our main goal:

Author of this page:

PTG founder : SuperParanoid 極度妄想(しなさい)


Media Contact:

ToyCash .Inc