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iPhone/Android app “mbeat” Makes Music Videos by Transforming Everyday Clips into Dance Sequences.

Creates music videos from everyday moments.

Crossfader Co., Ltd. (Crossfader) (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan; President and CEO Kota Takeshita) is an entertainment tech company that uses the latest video technology to help you discover new ways to enjoy music. It launched the US and UK version of mbeat, the popular app that enables you to insert matching music into your videos, on June 18th.

mbeat is a popular short movie app that enables you to shoot a 10 second clip and turn it into a fun, dance video! It’s so easy to use. Just select a video and tap the tempo (BPM) and image (mood) of the music you want to add. mbeat picks out the key moments and automatically embeds them in sync with the music. Cut and paste to rearrange and transform your video into something totally different or unexpected – you’ll be surprised and amazed at what you can create. Then keep editing until you’re completely satisfied.



Recommended feature No. 1: Use “Dual” function to mix Video + Video or Video + Photo

Try your hand at being a VJ by combining two videos (Video + Video) or a video and a photo (Video + Photo). Put together different clips shot in the same place or at the same time and re-arrange them the way you want. Alternatively, combine videos with contrasting styles for something a bit different. You’ll be surprised at the end result! If you’re combining a video with a photo, choose a photo that’s suitable as a single still image.

Recommended feature No. 2: Use “7PinPoints” to select your favorite scenes for your video

The app automatically selects the scenes to be used in your video, but if you prefer you can use the built-in 7PinPoints function to pick out your own favorite moments. So you can let the app create your video automatically, or you can add your own input to the creative process!

Kota Takeshita, CEO of Crossfader explains;

“mbeat’s roots lie in 25 years of dance music coupled with a wealth of DJ- and VJ-ing experience. This is what sets it apart from other apps. mbeat uses the latest technology to blend music, video and dance to create a new way of appreciating music.” 

Different types of music to make your videos dance to.

mbeat has a wide range of music styles to give your videos some dance appeal. In addition to dance music styles like EDM, Dubstep/Trap, Glitch Hop, Drum’n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Techno/Trance, you can also choose Rock or game music. mbeat is packed full of different tracks.

Use mbeat for any occasion.

Make videos with friends, co-workers, kids or pets – at school, with the family, at work, out and about or on holiday.

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About Kota Takeshita
Ko-ta Takeshita is one of the leading mash up artists in Japan, producing music and videos under the name, Moonbug. He is also a DJ and dance artist. StarrySky ‘Yeah!’ Remix is one of Moonbug’s best-known works (mashup of Starry Sky/Capsule (Yasutaka Nakata), Technologic/DaftPunk, Ch-Check It Out (A Cappella)/ Beastie Boys). The track has been hugely influential in the music industry with 10 million playbacks and No.1 rankings on Niconico and YouTube. In collaboration with DUB MASTER X, Moonbug has regularly topped the rankings on the Japanese music and entertainment site, Natalie. Other work by Moonbug includes REMIX ASSAULT, a mash up album of J-Pop hits released by Sony Music, as well as collaboration on the Hong Kong commercials for the Disney movie, Tron: Legacy.

About Crossfader Inc.
Crossfader is an online music and video entertainment services company. It provides new sensory experiences by adding music and rhythm to videos of scenes from everyday life, redefining the way we enjoy music.

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Media Contact:
Shumpei Nawa
COO and Communications Manager, Crossfader Inc.