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Hammock Hair Salon COCONA, Acclaimed for Its Relaxing Service, Attracts A Lot of Attention in Japan

TOKYO, May 31, 2019 — Hammock Hair Salon COCONA, 2 minutes walk from Koenji (*1) station in Tokyo, attracts many customers in Japan. As a hair salon introducing hammocks for styling customers’ hair for the first time in the world, COCONA recommends to tourists to try high-quality services on Hammocks.

COCONA is located 2 minutes walk from Koenji station in Tokyo. Whenever customers visit the salon, they are astonished by the vast amount of hammocks hung from the ceiling. At COCONA, customers get their hair styled (e.g. cut, shampoo and head spa) on hammocks, which are specially designed for cutting, coloring and shampooing hair. One part of the hammock, where customers sit back and place their heads, is woven to be wide open, and hammocks are hung in a special way to reduce the swinging motion; that’s why COCONA’s hair stylists can concentrate on their work without any problems.

At regular hair salons, some customers tend to be nervous, overwhelmed by the clinical atmosphere with hard chairs. However customers can relax the most while their hair gets styled on hammocks at COCONA. Since the hair salon opened in February 2017, COCONA has attracted Japanese media (*2) and became famous as the innovative and  popular hair salon in Japan. Positive reviews praising that many customers on hammocks drift off to sleep easily has spread, and COCONA is well known as the hair salon where customers can relax while getting hair styled on hammocks.

Most customers visit COCONA for getting hair styled, but some of them visit just to relax on hammocks. COCONA’s owner and hair stylist, Yuji Tsunogai offers high-quality hair styling service for every customer of all demographics, who has problems about hair.

Recently, more and more customers from abroad visit COCONA and enjoy receiving services on hammocks. A French guide book named “Soul of Tokyo” introduces COCONA. Experiencing the hammock-featured hair styling services and checking the town “Koenji” make trips even better than ever.

Review from customers:
“I got my hair styled on the hammock, and it was just right and so relaxing. The Interior and decoration inside of the salon made me feel like I was in a forest. Best place for people who are easily nervous in hair salons.”
— Woman, 30s

“I saw a TV program introducing COCONA, and I really wanted to try it. On a hammock, I didn’t feel any pressure on my back. I’m so satisfied with my haircut.”
— Woman, 50s

“My coworkers were talking a lot about this Hammock hair salon, so I was curious. The warm atmosphere and comfortable hammock were wonderful. I got a good consultation about my haircut. Head spa was amazing as if I was in heaven.”
— Woman, 40s

(*1): About Koenji, Tokyo
Taking Chuo line for about 10 minutes from Shinjuku station, Koenji has been loved by many Japanese people as a sacred place nurturing good old Japanese culture, fashion and rock bands. Back streets of Koenji leads visitors to witness the unique Japanese culture that is hardly seen in major cities such as Akihabara and Shibuya.

(*2): Japanese media such as NHK, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TBS, Abema TV and web media “Letronc” (

To see what COCONA looks like, please check:

About Hammock Hair Salon COCONA
Price menu
Cut: 5000 yen
Color: 6000 yen
Head spa: 3000 yen

Address: Tanaka building 2nd & 3rd floor, 3-16-1, Koenji kita, Suginami ward, Tokyo
Access: 2 minutes walk from JR Koenji station north exit

Media Contact:
Hidehiro Haneishi (PR)
*For inquiry, please contact us by email.