IIJ Europe and SecureBrain Team Up for Sales of Web-tampering Detection Service

–IIJ Europe begins sales today across all of Europe of SecureBrain’s web-tampering detection service,

“GRED WebCheck”–


LONDON—April 24, 2019—IIJ Europe Limited (IIJ Europe), the local European entity for Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) and SecureBrain Corporation (SecureBrain) have teamed up to sell the “GRED WebCheck” service for detecting web-tampering and manipulation. IIJ Europe has begun offering this service as SecureBrain’s sales representative in European region. “GRED WebCheck” is deployed over IIJ Europe’s cloud service IIJ GIO EU Service and available to customers on a monthly subscription basis (SaaS).


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect in the EU in May of last year obliges corporations to take appropriate security measures in order to protect personal data. A countermeasure against information leakage due to website tampering is one of the steps that corporations should consider. When websites like e-commerce sites or other membership-based sites are tampered with, they can redirect visitors to completely unrelated and suspect website that may even download malware onto the visitor’s computer. Nearly everything that malware does on a computer is hidden, meaning that most website administrators do not even realize that they have been affected by it until it is found by someone else. When personal information defined by the GDPR has been compromised through such manipulation, there is a possibility that corporations may be punished for not meeting a level of security appropriate to the risks involved, which can have secondary effects such as damage to the company’s image or a loss of customers, which is why such security countermeasures against website tampering are attracting so much attention. This has prompted IIJ Europe and SecureBrain to offer the GRED WebCheck service, which in Japan has a rich track record, in Europe, where technological measures to comply with GDPR are moving forward. SecureBrain plans to use the provision of this service in Europe as a stepping stone toward eventually providing the same service in other parts of Asia as well.

“GRED WebCheck” Features

  • Past results

SecureBrain, a Hitachi group company, is a specialist in Internet security from Japan, and has state-of-the-art research facilities where experienced researchers carry out cutting-edge study and research for government agencies and research institutions. The “GRED WebCheck” service for detecting online manipulation due to cyber-attacks, developed based on such research, has already been deployed by some 5,000 government agencies, local governments, and companies and been met with high praise for things like its sophisticated detection engine and ease of deployment since going on sale in 2009.

  • Service Overview

Users can quickly begin using the service by simply registering the website URL to be checked. SecureBrain’s analysis engines check sites regularly from the Internet side, sending alerts when cross-domain scripts or any other suspicious or unexpected scripts that redirect to other outside domains are found among the sites’ content. Users are also able to view detailed reports on a dedicated management web portal for administrators. The management web portal shows highlights, including any detected manipulated URLs, categories, and parts of pages’ source codes that are detected as potentially having been manipulated, allowing for more rapid responses.


Fees for “GRED WebCheck”

Monthly: GBP240 / EUR270 (up to 1,000 URLs per 1 FQDN)

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With locations in London and Düsseldorf, IIJ Europe provides IT support to Japanese companies with locations in Europe and domestic companies by leveraging its technological expertise. Its ability to provide one-stop response to all kinds of customer needs allows it to handle everything from outsourcing cloud and security services, systems integration tailored to meet individual requirements, and even office IT services for customers.

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SecureBrain Corporation is a cyber security specialist that brings IT security to web service providers, enterprises, and more amid diversifying online threats. This Japanese security specialist provides reliable security information, as well as high-quality security products and services as part of its vision of “contributing advanced technologies toward the creation of a more comfortable and worry-free networked society.” For more information, visit


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