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“Tokyu Hands Jewel Store” opens on April 17th

– Fourth directly operated store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport.
The shop will feature new corners and be filled to the brim with everything that makes Hands appealing! –

TOKYU HANDS INC. (Head Office: Shinjuku‐ku, Tokyo; Representative: Seiichi Kimura, Representative Director and President) hereby announces that the “Tokyu Hands Jewel Store” (hereinafter the “Jewel Store”) will open April 17, 2019 (Wed.) at “Jewel Changi Airport”, a lifestyle destination located in the heart of Singapore Changi Airport.

TOKYU HANDS helps each of its customers realize their ideal lifestyles through its wide range of products and various events. At present, TOKYU HANDS operates three locations in Singapore: The TOKYU HANDS JURONG EAST STORE, which opened in 2014 and was the first TOKYU HANDS establishment in the country; the TOKYU HANDS ORCHARD STORE, whose opening followed in the same year; and the TOKYU HANDS SUNTEC CITY STORE, which opened in 2016. With its new upcoming “JEWEL STORE”, TOKYU HANDS will apply both the expertise it has cultivated in the Japanese market and the store development experience it has gained in Singapore up to this point towards placing a greater emphasis on areas such as offering products that shoppers have requested. Moreover, the store will service the diverse variety of people who travel through Singapore Changi Airport as well as customers located nearby Singapore’s East Region by featuring all of the charm of TOKYU HANDS in a single location while remaining a unique establishment all its own.

Tokyu Hands Jewel Store recommended corner introductions

These corners offer a product selection based upon our past store development experience and the needs of customers in Singapore. The concept for each corner features a mix of Japanese language designs which are considered cool in Singapore.


Developed as a venue for introducing recommended Japanese products. The opening will feature a Japanese calligraphy performance and workshop by the calligrapher Malik Bin Mazlan, and the KOKUYO Exhibition, which will introduce popular KOKUYO products for a limited time.


This corner features pelvis correction products which are currently popular. Actual devices are available for customers to try and find the products best suited to themselves.


This corner is being developed as a collection of writing instruments with unique writing performance, notebooks with superior quality paper and functionality, and other carefully selected pens, notebooks, and more appealing stationery supplies that will make you fall in love with writing.

TRAVEL’S BEST *New corner

This corner provides a collection of products that one could only find in a store near an airport including travel goods popular in Japan, clever outdoor accessories, and more. The corner offers suggestions for new travel approaches that let travelers enjoy the journeys more with the products offered.

KODAWARU the japan difference

The Tokyu Hands Jewel Store design focuses on the Japanese concept of “KODAWARU”.

“KODAWARU” is Japanese word which is used to express careful pursuit, cultivation, approaches, and sensitivity to things one likes. This word is used as the basis for the theme of the JEWEL STORE, which makes use of Japanese language characters and “noren” Japanese shop curtains as part of the store design in order to evoke in customers from all over the world an interest in Japan and convey this unique Japanese concept of sensitivity.

TOKYU HANDS, a store for those who care

The Japanese concept of “KODAWARU” is, at its core a concept of “caring deeply”. Some people care deeply and are very particular about their lifestyles or their hobbies and interests. TOKYU HANDS strives to be the place for these people to come and find exactly what they are looking for. The entire design of the JEWEL STORE is focused on being a store which caters to the careful sensitivities of such people.

The design begins with people

In order to convey these concepts to visitors, the JEWEL STORE design features a front façade with no walls or barriers, like solid doors that would separate us from our customers and the world outside the store, and instead uses Japanese style “noren” shop curtains to greet and welcome customers more freely into the store.

We want to spread the Japanese “KODAWARU” concept to as many people as possible

In order to welcome as many people into the store as possible, whether they are at the beginning, middle, or end of their respective journeys, so that they can experience the “KODAWARU” concept for themselves, we have focused on attracting people into the store with the open façade and Japanese noren shop curtains and by using lighting beyond the noren which is designed to draw and invite people deeper into the store, so that they visit every corner and can experience and share our KODAWARU concept.

Made-in-Japan design

The noren curtains which are symbolic of the store’s façade design, were produced by the traditional Japanese dyer “Nakamura”, while the original text design on the noren, reading “HANDS” in Japanese, was commissioned to Susumu Takabayashi of traditional dyer “Takatora Shoten” located in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Hamacho. The design of the JEWEL STORE heavily incorporates traditional Japanese designs.

Tokyu Hands Jewel Store: Made-in-Japan design

*Managed by: Tokyu Hands Inc.

Creative direction: Our Company Inc. (Aoyama, Tokyo)
Art direction: Do Be Company (Aoyama, Tokyo)
Noren production: Nakamura Limited (Kanda, Tokyo)
Noren text: Takatora Shoten Limited (Nihonbashi Hamacho, Tokyo) Susumu Takabayashi


78 Airport Boulevard #02-203 Jewel Changi Airport Singapore 819666 (Located on the 2nd and 3rd Floor of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

Connected directly to Changi Airport Station on the MRT East West Line

Store Floor Area:
Area 772 m2

10:00 to 22:00 (Tentative)

No. of Items Carried:
Approx. 17,000 SKUs

Categories of Items Carried:
Health & Beauty, Stationary, Houseware, Bags & Travel, etc.

Please submit inquiries on this matter to the following:
E-mail: info@tokyu‐