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exiii, a company developing wearable haptic devices has secured 750,000USD in funding

Funds will be used for B2B expansion, haptics R&D, & next-gen haptics device development

exiii Inc. (“exiii”) has secured around 750,000USD (80,000,000JPY) in funding from Global Brain Corporation (“GB”) through GB’s GB-VI Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership.

exiii is currently developing a wearable haptic device called EXOS, which enables users to touch virtual objects inside VR/AR environments.

The funds from this round will be used to strengthen exiii’s haptics R&D team and to expand sales channels for exiii’s recently announced B2B devkit, EXOS DK1.

Global Brain is venture capital firm that has a strong track record of assisting Japanese startups to expand into global markets and enabling open innovation between large corporates and startups. exiii believes Global Brain will become a strong partner as exiii accelerates its growth globally and into B2B domains.  President and CEO of Global Brain, Yasuhiko Yurimoto comments, “Since the predominant technologies utilized in VR/AR are limited to audiovisual, VR/AR has not been able to realize its full potential. exiii possesses both advanced haptics enabling technologies and experience in rapidly prototyping various wearable devices.  We believe these strengths will enable exiii to target various domains and thus are excited for exiii’s growth. As GB, we will assist in exiii’s growth both domestically and internationally.”

exiii co-founder and CEO Hiroshi Yamaura states, “We are very excited that we were able to raise capital right after the release of the EXOS DK1. As VR/AR technologies become more common, haptics technology will play a critical role in terms of enabling a more intuitive approach to computing. We will strive to make haptic technology a standard component of next generation VR/AR.”


Orders and detailed information regarding the EXOS Wrist DK1 and EXOS Gripper DK1 are available via the link below.

Purchasing a EXOS DK1:

exiii is actively hiring talent in order to further accelerate the development of EXOS.  If you are interested, please check out the link below.

Details regarding hiring:


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