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Japan-based Digital Media for Food Lovers Launched – ‘Foodies Go Local’ introduces produce and food culture of all 47 prefectures

TOKYO, Japan (November 15th, 2017) – SHARE Pro Co. Ltd. has launched Foodies Go Local (, a new digital media platform based in Japan, which aims to bring the finest elements of Japan’s food culture and cuisine to an international audience.


Japan’s highly developed, fascinating, unique food culture is drawing visitors and investors to the country from across the globe in ever-increasing numbers. Yet while most visitors know of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, there has, until now, been precious little quality, trustworthy, practical information in English about the almost infinite variety of fabulous foodstuffs, local cuisines, and special products found throughout Japan. That’s where Foodies Go Local is unique, and uniquely positioned to serve foreign visitors in a growing market worth in excess of US$ 250 billion globally.


“Foodies Go Local is unique and exciting on many levels,” explains SHARE Pro CEO, Nobu Kishi. “Our professional, multi-national team of expert writers has many decades of experience of living, working, and of course eating, in Japan. With our experience and skills, we go beyond linguistic and cultural barriers, to form a unique bridge between Japan’s food culture, its food producers and retailers, and the rest of the world. No-one has ever done this before, and not least on this scale.”


Foodies Go Local/SHARE Pro:

– Understands and responds intelligently to the real needs of a global audience

– Gives practical, reliable, trustworthy information on how to experience the finest of Japan’s food culture and access the best of its products and services

– Provides quality, curated information, put together by experts. No ‘information dump’ here, as we offer fascinating, well-written articles on every aspect of Japan’s food life, and introduce the best restaurantsfinest producers and greatest Foodie experiences across all 47 prefectures in unprecedented detail.

 Entertains, educates and illuminates with hands-on, memorable market, kitchen, and classroom experiences, with top chefs and culinary professionals.

– We offer special, exclusive content to those joining our Member’s Club service.



SHARE Pro Co. Ltd.

〒104-0045 6-22-3 5F Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0045



Company Overview

Share Pro Co., Ltd. is a company engaged intelligently with the global marketplace, focused on Japanese food, Japanese food culture and lifestyles, digitally and in real life. Our three key components are: Foodies Go Local, Tsukiji Cooking (a cooking school based in Tsukiji, Tokyo) and Kitchen Life, a nationwide network of over 2000 chefs and culinary professionals.

Corporate Name: SHARE Pro Co. Ltd.

Capital: JPY 85.64 Million

Address: 6-22-3 5F Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0045

Telephone: 03-6264-1038


Management and External Management Team

Representative Director & CEO: Nobuhisa Kishi

Representative Director & COO: Shoji Kiyooka

Director & CFO: Hiroshi Aota

Marketing & Sales Officer: Kazufumi Okazaki

Editor in Chief: John F. Ashburne

Outside Director & Chairman of the Board: Makoto Yasuda

Outside Director & Vice Chairman: Isabelle Hupperts

Outside Director: Daniel Saw (Fung Investments)

Outside Director: Hiroo Chikaraishi

Senior Executive Advisor: Tatsuo Tanaka (Chairman of Citigroup Japan Holdings G.K.)

Senior Executive Advisor: Osamu Tosaka (Former Representative Director & Executive Deputy President Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)


SHARE Pro Co. Ltd.

〒104-0045 6-22-3 5F Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0045

Contact: John F. Ashburne/SHARE Pro
Phone: 81-3-6264-1038