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INVITATION – Launching Symposium of the “UMI・SACHI Promotion Conference” July 13, 2017 Aoyama/Tokyo


– Proposal from Munakata: from the remote past to the future 1000 years ahead –

 ‘Munakata’ is a sacred place in Fukuoka, Japan, which is inherited from the ancient times that are celebrated by myths. This holy place is now facing increase of sea temperature due to global warming and rocky-shore denudation resulting in decrease of marine plants and other marine lives. And this occurrence is not limited to Munakata. We can hear screams by the earth from all parts of the world.

Japanese people have venerated the sea and committed to conserve it forever with a strong feeling of attachment since early times. In return, we have received countless blessings from the sea. We would like to share this thought of ‘UMI (sea)SACHI (blessings)’ to the world and make the term commonly understood globally. We aim to enhance our past efforts further, make our activities more solid, and diffuse our thought and activities very broadly by creating partnership with like-minded people in the whole of Japan and the world. It is our given mission as an earthling to recuperate the global environment that is harmed by what is called civilization of mankind.

Here, we will establish;

‘General corporation


UMISACHI Promotion Conference’

as a brand-new organization.

At this symposium, we will hear advice from experts about how to make the new organization’s activities sustainable, how we can spread the movement to other parts of Japan and abroad, and how we can collaborate with like-minded efforts already made in all parts of Japan and in the world.

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Symposium Outline:

  • Organizer
    General corporation UMI・SACHI Promotion Conference
    (755-4 Tajima, Munakata City, Fukuoka 811-3505 Japan)
  • Date and Time
    18: 30 – 21: 00 on July 13, 2017 (Thurs.)
  • Venue
    United Nations University (UNU) U Thant Hall
    (5-53-70 Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo)
  • Entry Fee
  • Seating Capacity
    About 360
  • Supporters
    Ministry of the Environment (planned)
    Fukuoka Prefecture(planned)
    Munakata City(planned)
    NGO Eco Planet,.Inc NY
    NGO Sustainable Green Energy Council,.Inc NY


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