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Eneco Holdings supports the Mt. Fuji International Forum!

On August 28 an event (http://www.cepicf.org)will be held to make recommendations to international leadership organizationssuch as G7 and G20, the international community, and international institutionssuch as the United Nations about the design and usage of the “Commonearth Park”(a phrase defined to broadly describe a park connecting all living things onthe Earth).

Using state-of-the-art emulsion technology to develop next-generation fuel purification equipment, “Eneco Plasma Fusion,” Eneco Holdings,Inc. (https://www.eneco-hd.co.jp/en/) is a Japanese company that has succeeded in achieving a mixture of 50% fuel oil and 50% tap water and has begun sales worldwide. The company is proud to provide the venue as well as comprehensive support for this event.

For inquiries regarding interviews or other related items, please contact the public relations office at <plasmafusion@eneco-hd.co.jp>