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OMRON Holds OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 in Beijing

KYOTO, Japan, October 9, 2013OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) kicked off OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 on October 8 to highlight its proprietary technology in three key cities across China. Following the Beijing exhibition, similar events will be held in Shanghai in December and Guangzhou in March 2014 and are expected to attract over 5,000 visitors in total.

The exhibition showcases OMRON products and services that contribute value for the future of the manufacturing industry and is structured around four categories — industrial innovation, energy innovation, lifestyle innovation and social innovation — that are directly related to the company’s core technology, sensing and control.

OMRON is a pioneer among the Japanese manufacturing industry as the first to enter the China market in the beginning of the 1970s. In the 40 years since our market entry, OMRON has contributed to an evolving China through our sensing and control technology business,” said company President Yoshihito Yamada. “Moving forward, I am confident that OMRON can contribute to a range of industrial, environmental, lifestyle and social needs through the improved productivity that our advanced automation solutions deliver.”

Through its rich and unique business portfolio focused on sensing and control technology, OMRON will contribute to the long-term future of China, namely the country’s target of continuous industrial, economic, lifestyle and social growth in its 12th Five-Year Plan, as well as the development of manufacturing, logistics, sales and employment.

Overview of OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 exhibits

1. Advanced Technology Zone
The main zone is divided into four sections showcasing the latest OMRON technologies, products and services that will contribute to future growth for China.

–Industrial Innovation Corner
This area showcases models and production machinery to highlight OMRON’s automation know-how made possible through our in-house production, a selection of the rich OMRON product lineup of over 200,000 industrial control devices and cutting-edge controller technology utilizing the world-class speed and precision Sysmac Platform.

–Energy Innovation Corner
This area features case studies of energy visualization technology and control optimization for ventilation coolant pumps, which consume large amounts of energy. Also included are models to demonstrate energy control technology in production (optimization control for compressed air and clean rooms).

–Life Innovation Corner
This area showcases the latest in health devices from OMRON for enjoyable health management. It includes devices that communicate with servers about body weight, blood pressure and activity levels. A variety of electronic parts for eco-friendly applications that enable smart lifestyles are also on display. The exhibit includes automation technologies that contribute to better lives, such as power management systems in electric vehicles, which are expected to see rapid growth.

–Social Innovation Corner
The social innovation area features the latest mechanical electronics and image sensing technology developed over years of Japanese urban development with focus on safety, reliability and comfort. It highlights mechanical modules for IC card collection and issue (for public transportation and ticket purchase devices) and video management systems which consolidate OMRON’s sensing technologies.

2. Welcome Zone
The Welcome Zone highlights 80 years since the establishment of OMRON Corporation and the company’s deep connection with China that stretches back 40 years.

This area features a video of the OMRON TOTAL FAIR concept, “We automate!” A video of how OMRON led the evolution of automation and its efforts in industry, environment, lifestyle and society is showcased here.

4. Future Technology Zone
This area highlights OMRON visions for the future: “A new relationship between man and machine,” “Machines in harmony with man,” and “An array of self-sustaining machines that move on their own to produce overall harmony.” There are three models on display to demonstrate machines that learn and grow on their own.


Beijing: October 8-9, 2013 (China World Hotel)
Shanghai: December 2-4, 2013 (Shanghai Science & Technology Museum)
Guangzhou: March 3-5, 2014 (Baiyun International Convention Center)


As a leader in automation technology, OMRON’s business covers a wide range of fields, including industrial, health/medical, social infrastructure, environmental, and other fields. Its products and services are offered in 110-plus countries and regions. Since its inception in 1933, OMRON has continuously pursued technological innovation.

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