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Globe-SJC Link-up Heralds High-Point in Telecommunications for PHL, Southeast Asia

MANILA, Philippines, September 27, 2013Globe Telecom has recently launched the South-East Asia Japan Cable (SJC), its fifth major investment in submarine cable systems. Operated by a global consortium of leading telecommunications and technology companies which Globe forms part of, SJC was successfully constructed after two years of careful groundwork and provisioning between Globe and its partners. The trans-Asian cable is now fully operational with available data traffic, streaming an initial design capacity of 28 terabits-per-second deployed by six fiber pairs.

This groundbreaking technological development in East Asia will enable unmatched telecommunications services by Globe through its link-up with SJC, providing superior interconnectivity within the Philippines and its Asian neighbors. Spanning almost 9,000 kilometers, the US$400 million submarine cable has one of the highest capacities in the world. It addresses bandwidth-intensive applications such as internet TV, online games and enterprise data exchange. The cable’s superior design capacity can support simultaneous streaming of up to 3 million high-definition (HD) videos. According to SJC officials, the cable’s massive capacity can download the entire amount of content of the US Library of Congress in 1.5 seconds.

The investment of Globe on SJC translates into significantly increased capacity and added geographic diversity to the Philippines’ international connectivity. The Philippine telco on the other hand will effectively increase its capability of meeting the growing telecommunications needs of its corporate clientele by providing resilient bandwidth.

Ooi Seng Keat, spokesperson for the SJC consortium and SingTel’s Vice President, Carrier Services International Business Unit, Group Enterprise said that “the SJC heralds a milestone for the seven Asia Pacific countries in the consortium, including the Philippines with Globe as its partner. It will set a new benchmark in global data and information connectivity. It is interconnected seamlessly with the latest transpacific cable, and which together will deliver the lowest latency connectivity between Asia and the U.S., specifically from Singapore to Los Angeles. As the SJC cable route avoids the earthquake zone in North Asia, it enhances the operators’ network resilience by offering cable diversity and reliability in the event of a cable breakage in other undersea networks.”

The link-up of Globe with SJC marks a high point in the advancement of telecommunications in the Philippines and in the SEA region, according to Globe Head of International and Business Markets Gil Genio. “The addition of SJC to the existing network of international submarine cable systems will address the increasing requirements for much higher bandwidth in the continent and the rest of the digitally-connected world. Its high-capacity systems also bolster the capabilities of Globe Telecom, particularly in telecommunications and internet, making it the foremost telco provider in the Philippines,” he said.

Genio said that the interconnection reinforces the dominance of Globe in the local telecommunications industry as it significantly bolsters the competitiveness of the Philippines as a prime destination for business investment. “One of the main beneficiaries of Globe having SJC will be our local business process outsourcing and the outsourcing-offshoring sectors, currently regarded as the ‘sunshine industries’ of the Philippines. Globe Telecom actively supports these economic growth drivers which provide employment for roughly 700,000 Filipinos and accounts for about US$ 25 billion in annual revenues.”

He likewise described SJC as a fitting complement to the telco’s landmark network modernization, with the rollout of fiber optic cables enabling a richer digital experience for its 36-million plus subscribers: “The Philippines ranks high in internet usage worldwide, propelled by the onslaught of smartphones, the rise of social media, and general internet usage, with Globe as a key purveyor in this phenomenon. Our SJC link-up augurs well for our individual and corporate customers to enjoy a wonderful world of the latest mobile, broadband and data technologies. It is in sync with the rollout of our new modernized network which has been empowering them with superior voice quality and data delivery, among other advancements in mobile computing,” he added.

Globe and SJC officials confirmed that the submarine cable’s huge bandwidth will be able to meet the capacity needs of future applications and innovative solutions, as well as spur the further development of information and communications technology in the region. As a preferred partner of enterprises, industries and companies, Globe, with its partnership in SJC, enhances the overall competitiveness of the Philippines to help achieve its goals of economic stability, financial robustness and position it at par with the most technologically-advanced countries of the world.

Aside from Globe Telecom, the SJC global consortium is composed of Brunei International Gateway Sendirian Berhad (BIG), China Mobile International Ltd. (CMI), China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom), China Telecom Global Limited (CTG, an affiliate of China Telecommunications Corporation), Donghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, Co.,Ltd.), Google, KDDI Corporation, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk), and TOT Public Co., Ltd. (TOT).

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