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Ricoh Provides Solution Services at the APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, a First in Japan

Tokyo, September 5, 2013 — Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO: Zenji Miura) is the official provider of solution services, including a large-scale paperless meeting, held at the 8th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting from September 4 through 6 in Tokyo. Through those services, Ricoh supports smooth and efficient meeting management and the information sharing on Japan‘s outstanding transportation infrastructure to all participating countries. This meeting, where Japan is the host country for the first time, is a forum for transportation ministers from 21 APEC member countries and regions as well as 300 representatives to discuss various topics regarding transportation.

A gathering of ministers at a paperless meeting on September 5

To date, the Ricoh Group has provided document output services at various international conferences in Japan. Last autumn, at the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group, Ricoh’s contribution went beyond document-related solutions, supporting the Japanese government’s “Cool Japan” initiative by offering various services that utilize new visual communication. Capitalizing on its special expertise, Ricoh is able to offer the solutions below at the APEC Transportation Meeting.

(1) Ricoh supports large-scale paperless meetings using 60 iPad units with the RICOH Smart Presenter, a paperless meeting application for tablets. Those who are participating as observers will be offered a document download service through Ricoh’s new cloud service Clickable Paper.
(2) Digital signage, which requires little work for installation, is installed at eight locations on site by utilizing an ultra-short-throw projector for networks. The service controls content to distribute it collectively via a network.
(3) A multi-projection system that can show dynamic images is also available by connecting three ultra-short-throw projectors.
(4) An effective information transmission service using cloud service Clickable Paper is on offer at an exhibition held alongside the ministerial meeting.
(5) Ricoh also provides a service that develops and manages a document output environment.


The APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, based on discussions surrounding knowledge, challenges, and solutions for an advanced transportation network at the ministerial level, is positioned as a valuable opportunity to promote an understanding of Japan‘s infrastructure system among meeting participants from both governments and the private sector. Ricoh, by providing one-stop support at the meeting, is contributing to this understanding. At the same time, we hope the global participants will come to appreciate Ricoh’s highly advanced technology and peerless customer services.

By making use of these experiences going forward, the company will offer Ricoh Group‘s advanced technology as well as one-stop services that cover everything from installation, operation, maintenance to removal to a wide range of customers.

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‹Solutions provided›

(1) Large-scale paperless meeting
Large-scale paperless meetings are made possible by using 60 iPad units by utilizing Ricoh Smart Presenter, a paperless meeting application for tablets. It is a system that transmits materials from a dedicated server to iPad units beside the participants and synchronizes the information on the units with the iPad being operated by the presenter. Control of the lead iPad can be transferred at any time. Participants are able to use the thumbnails displayed to browse pages and can handwrite notes on the iPad. Ricoh will also offer a service in which those who are participating as observers are able to download the actual materials by taking a picture of the distributed program with their iPhone or iPad. A Clickable Paper service is supplied for this purpose.


(2) Digital signage
By utilizing the ultra-short-throw projector requiring little work to install, Ricoh has made it possible to transmit information such as conference schedules, directions to the exhibition venue, and useful facts about Japan. The unit is installed at eight locations and the projected information can be managed by Ricoh’s digital signage system via a network.

(3) Multi-projection system
A solution system which can show dynamic images on a large 3.84-meter-wide screen, by connecting three ultra-short-throw projectors. The three projectors are collectively controlled by one PC and the screen displays content such as videos promoting Japan, advertisements of exhibiting companies at the meeting and exhibition details.


(4) Information transmission by merging paper and electronics
This enables information and services that cannot be conveyed through hard-copy documents alone to be offered. Holding a smart device over any spot on a flyer of the exhibition alongside the meetings allows links to digitial content. Ricoh’s new cloud service Clickable Paper will be used to connect paper media with digital content and services.

(5) Document output environment
This involves installing Ricoh’s digital MFPs and printers equipped with energy-saving technology. To achieve an efficient document output environment, Ricoh displays optimal devices and provides a 24-hour maintenance and support service.

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