IGXE Devotes to FFXIV Preparation Work, Expecting to Get A Perfect Starting

WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — It seems that the virtual market is not blessed with good luck in 2013. Compared with last year’s game blowout, it has been too quiet from the beginning of this year. That’s why every game currency website is eyeing Square-Enix’s upcoming release Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn now. IGXE (,a website operated by Chongqing SoftIsland Co., Ltd. and a leading online game virtual trading service company that specializes in dealing hundreds of MMORPG in-game currencies, items, powerleveling and CD-keys has also started its preparation work for FFXIV GIL.

About Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

TheFinal Fantasy series is a very classic role playing game developed by Square Enix. Among those, FFXI and FFXIV are MMORPG. FFXI is a decade-old game which was released in Japan on May 16, 2002. However, FFXIV reborn is not a brand new game. The game was firstly launched on September 30, 2010. It received widespread negative reception when it was first released, which made Square Enix decide to close it and re-launch it as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

The Competition of FFXIV Marketing

People can get 288,000 results by searching ‘buy FFXIV gil’ in Google. In the first 10 pages, it is full of various FFXIV Gil selling websites including,,, and If you search for ‘buy ffxiv item,’ you get 248,000 results of sites like They promise the cheapest price and fast delivery to attract customers.

The registered members of FFXIV beta test was more than 1 million in July, which meant a big potential money-making market of FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Items, FFXIV Powerleveling, and FFXIV CDK. The competition begins.

IGXE’s Preparation for FFXIV

On IGXE, FFXIV products are listed including gil, item, leveling and CD-keys, although the game will be released on August 27th, 2013. There are also related news about FFXIV published on all kinds of media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which can be tracked by IGXE old customers.

“Thanks to all of our customers, IGXE is getting better and better. Now FFXIV is coming, we hope that our FFXI customers will continue to support IGXE,” said Miss Zhou, the manager of the virtual department. “This month, IGXE is giving a free gold offer promotion to express our appreciation of our customers’ support. At this time, my team is planning another promotion to celebrate FFXIV reborn. We will reveal it when FFXIV comes.”

The Free Gold Offer Link:

As a nine-years-old website, IGXE can be trusted by players. Although there are some negative comments, we are making every effort to make it right. IGXE established an interactive platform on which customers can leave message about order status, give suggestions, or complaints. Welcome to visit IGXE FANS BASE:

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