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RoadMovies creates cool retro videos, is now Japan’s top iPhone app

Here’s another intriguing addition to our growing list of Japanese camera apps. This time it comes courtesy of the folks at Honda, and despite the name of the app, RoadMovies, it’s not just for use while driving. Originally launched late last year, the app has been climbing the iOS charts ever since, and is now the top free app in Japan. It also tops the photo and video category in Korea right now too.

The app allows you to shoot a collection of very short video clips – either 24 x 1 second, 12 x 2 seconds, or 8 x 3 seconds – which are then stitched together to create a composite 24 second clip.

Of course, this sort of function would work especially well while driving on a long road trip, and there’s an interval camera function that can automate the entire process if you don’t want to press the shutter button manually. You can set the interval settings to record a short clip every minute, or every 60 minutes, or any value in between. There’s also a handy distance interval function that lets you record clips after you’ve moved a specified distance, although you’ll need a GPS enabled device for this (i.e. it won’t work with an iPod Touch).

After you’ve shot your 24 total seconds of video, you can then opt to add one of eight available filters to give your composite clip some extra pop. The next step is perhaps the most fun, as you can choose one of 14 available background music tracks included in the app, all of which are pretty snazzy.

The overall effect is super retro, especially if you apply a filter. For a preview of the end result, you can see many examples of videos created with RoadMovies over on YouTube. Or you can check out Honda’s own promo video above which demonstrates how it works, with a sample video at the end.

If you’d like to check out RoadMovies, it’s available as a free download over on the App Store. From what I’ve seen of it so far, I recommend you pick it up.

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Original Source: RoadMovies creates cool retro videos, is now Japan’s top iPhone app