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SpotOption’s Ladder Trading for Japan

LONDON, Jul. 16, 2013 / KYODO JBN / –

– Leading Binary Options platform provider, SpotOption, reveals new Ladder
feature for Tokyo Summit, July 17 2013

As the sponsors of Forex Magnate’s Tokyo Summit, SpotOption
[ ] will be joining the world’s leading 600 Forex
professionals to showcase products and develop strategic partnerships.
SpotOption has opened a branch in Tokyo, as a response to the overwhelming
popularity of SpotOption’s Binary Options platform in Asia. Having
representation in Tokyo was the next logical step in expanding operations
efficiently, and the Tokyo Summit is the perfect place to display the Ladder

Ladder trading differs from regular binary options by offering various
strike prices, and profit/risk ratios. SpotOption’s state-of-the-art design has
brought the feature great marketability, with a fantastic user experience. In
Japan, binary options have received the attention of the JFSA, and regulation
is in progress. In the meantime, SpotOption’s Ladder feature has been approved
so that Japanese operators can also participate legally. Additionally,
SpotOption’s system is compliant with the JFSA’s requirements for reporting and

“We are looking forward to greeting the top forex executives at the Tokyo
Summit with our latest feature, Spot Ladder,” says Pini Peter, founder of
SpotOption. “We’ve worked hard to give the Japanese a product that they can
offer the mass amount of traders that are looking for binary options in these
regions. Spot Ladder exceeded all expectations, and we’re excited to see the
reactions at Tokyo Summit.”

Visit SpotOption at Tokyo Summit, Booth #32,

Tanya West, Marketing & Communications,

SOURCE: SpotOption Ltd.