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Hendren Group Growing Opportunities Throughout Asia

Chuo-ku, Japan, July 03, 2013 –(– Hendren Group is a finance management company dealing with investment methods and strategies. Based in Tokyo boasting a large base of private clients and a well skilled team of advisors, they conduct research and then subsequently develop short and long-term systematic approaches to achieving optimum returns on investments for themselves, their associates and for their current client base.

“With worries that China’s growth is starting to slow down and with the U.S. dollar sinking as low as 97.78 yen against the reviving Japanese currency we are seeing a rise in corporations throughout Asia looking to shed a number of held assets that they acquired over the years to dominate their sectors. We are currently looking at a number of companies throughout Asia within internet and media that had obtained or developed many start-ups for various asset control. The company’s listed are now looking to sell their assets if they feel they are not integral to the overall strategy of the company,” commented Michael Thomas the Head of the Investment Analysis at the Hendren Group.

Internet and Media based companies over the years have invested time and money generating portfolios of innovative start-up companies capitalizing on the notion that they would have the next big thing. Many of the start-up companies held no longer fit with the corporations strategies moving forward and with the current economic situation now is the best time to reinvest the funds generated.

“Hendren Group is a finance management company based in the heart of Asia in Tokyo, we are perfectly placed to see the situation unveil, I have been involved in a number of successful start-ups that get private funding and can see the great potential within the sell off list of innovative start-ups we have received. Just because they are being sold off does not mean that they aren’t good, on the contrary they just didn’t meet the criteria set out by the holding company or they wanted to control them, now they just need the right company in taking them forward,” added David Holmes, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at the Hendren Group.

“We will be advising our clients on the progress of these exciting negotiations, and advocating where best to enter this placement. By taking a start-up and matching it with a new company that has the right strategic outlook, we are able to be perfectly placed to achieve great returns,” concluded David Holmes, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at the Hendren Group.

Hendren Group is set to continue to advise clients to acquire shares within the Asian markets adding to successful diversified portfolios.

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