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Lean Mobility Launches Innovative Urban EV Lean3 with Global Ambitions

Their first product, Lean3 has entered the final phase of mass production development.

TOKYO — Lean Mobility* is proud to announce a significant milestone in its mission to redefine urban mobility. With a substantial ¥2.8 billion JPY investment from a consortium of Taiwanese automotive companies**, we are excited to introduce Lean3 to the global market. This compact electric vehicle (EV) is a game-changer in city transportation, merging Japanese innovation with robust Japan-Taiwan alliance.

* Lean Mobility consists of Lean Mobility Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture, Japan) and Lean Mobility Inc. (Taiwan).

** A subsidiary of Lioho Machine Works Ltd., The major shareholder of Tai Yue Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., Tonglit Logistics Co., Ltd.

Unveiling Lean3: A Compact Revolution in Urban Mobility

Lean3 is engineered to address the challenges of urban transport. Its compact design, accommodating two passengers, makes it ideal for navigating city streets. Lean3 is not just an EV; it’s the embodiment of our vision for a leaner, greener, and more enjoyable urban mobility.

Key Features of Lean3:

Compact Design:
Lean3, only 1/3 the size of traditional cars, perfectly suits the urban lifestyle. The projected area from the top when parked is 1/3 that of a conventional car.

The rear seat is designed to accommodate an ISO standard-compliant child seat.

All-Weather Comfort:
A cabin that protects against the elements, complete with air conditioning, ensures a comfortable journey in any weather.

Active Lean System:
Utilizes G-gyro sensors for continuous vehicle posture assessment, dynamically adjusting suspension for optimal cornering stability and exhilaration.

Expansion Plan: Accelerating Toward Mid-2025 Market Launch, Potential Market Estimated in Millions

Lean Mobility has reached a significant milestone in the development of its urban compact EV. Following the roadmap, the company will proceed with detailed development plans, aiming for a market launch by mid-2025. The regional rollout will begin with the launch in the Taiwanese market, with plans to expand into Japan and European markets, expecting to produce over 50,000 units within five years.

CEO Akihiro Yanaka Profile

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1993, Akihiro Yanaka joined Toyota Motor Corporation. He worked on chassis design and driving control systems before taking charge of planning new concept vehicles and researching and developing urban transportation systems. In 2022, he founded Lean Mobility.

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