Announcement: Release of Nintendo Switch™ Game ‘Zero to Dance Hero’ – Making Dance Accessible Even for Beginners!

TOKYO, April 15, 2024 — Imagineer Co., Ltd. has announced the upcoming release of “Zero to Dance Hero,” the new Nintendo Switch game in Asia regions, scheduled to launch on June 14, 2024.

Product Introduction

“Zero to Dance Hero” is a beginner-friendly dance lesson software. Players utilize Joy-Con™ controllers to follow instructions from the instructor, learning dance fundamentals and mastering stylish moves. This title is the localized version of “HOP! STEP! DANCE!” targeting Asia excluding Japan, which was released in Japan in December 2023. In Japan, it has already received high praise from many players who love its ability to actually teach dance and its step-by-step instruction approach.

The game supports multiple languages including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English. Additionally, instructor voices are available in Chinese, Korean, and English.

  • Lesson Mode

The Lesson Mode allows players to learn dance moves step by step, progressing through 30 steps and 84 parts, starting from basic actions and gradually mastering entire sequences. Beginning with upper body movements to catch the rhythm, the instruction gradually incorporates lower body movements, making it accessible even for dance beginners!

  • Free Mode

Free Mode allows players to practice the skills they’ve acquired in the Lesson Mode. With six original songs, players can enjoy six different types of dances corresponding to each song.

  • Instructors

Anna and Noel primarily lead the Lesson Mode, and Rin and Hiro from the “Fitness Boxing” series show up in Free and Stretch modes.

  • Support Functions

Players can adjust camera angles to check detailed movements. And, the software calculates calories burned during dance sessions, allowing users to review and confirm their progress with personalized data.

Product Overview

Title: Zero to Dance Hero
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Dance Lesson
Price: Depends on each region
Regions: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia
Release Date: Scheduled for June 14, 2024
Players: 1
Ages: Everyone
Publisher: Imagineer
Official Websites:
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