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“Bb lab.” Launches Singapore-Exclusive Package: First in Industry at Takashimaya Event, Oct 20!

“Bb lab.”, the top Japanese placenta essence brand, made its debut in Singapore in 2023. Addressing local needs, they are launching an exclusive size and package. Join their unique campaign at Takashimaya Anniversary Celebration Bazaar 2023 @ Takashimaya Square, Level B2 from 20 Oct to 5 Nov 2023. Experience true quality with “Bb lab.”  

The Pioneer of Placenta Extract: Singapore Exclusive Package Launched!

In Japan, “placenta” is recognized as a beauty secret, and its effects are widely acknowledged. Bb lab. is engaged in various initiatives to communicate with Singaporean consumers directly to share the benefits and appeal of the highest quality placenta essence. We encourage everyone in Singapore to try the placenta essence from this innovative Japanese brand.

As an initiative, a compact 15mL package has been newly developed responding to the demands of the Singapore market and actual users. The creation of a Singapore market-exclusive package is a first-ever initiative by a Japanese-origin placenta essence brand.* *Based on our research

Product Name: Bb lab. Placenta Extract 15ml

Volume: 15ml (Approximately 15 days’ worth with morning and evening use)

Full Ingredients: Water, Placental Protein, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Bark/Leaf/Twig Extract, Phenoxyethanol

Retail Price: $68


Join the 17-Day Challenge: Get a Special Gift Set! (*Worth $221)

From 20 Oct to 5 Nov 2023, a special booth of Bb lab. will be set up at Takashimaya Singapore, launching the unprecedented “17 Days Challenge”. With every tester experience of “Bb lab. Placenta Extract”, a stamp will be imprinted on a dedicated card. Through daily participation, you can feel the effects of the placenta essence. Those who collect stamps for the entire period will receive a Special Gift Set that contains the original size of Placenta Extract 15ml.

Through this event, Bb lab. aims to show that we are not just a sales manufacturer, but a brand that actively communicates with users and strives for beauty together. We are confident that by repeatedly experiencing the tester, consumers will be able to feel the high efficacy of our product.

At the venue, there are knowledgeable customer service representatives familiar with the products, so feel free to ask anything. We hope that all participants will experience the tester, win luxurious products, and enjoy the world of Bb lab. through this fun event.

Meet Beauty & Chemistry Expert from Japan. Open for direct media interviews on 24 and 25 October.

From the Japan headquarters of Bb LABORATORIES, which has been elaborating bio-inspired skincare products for more than 20 years in Japan, beauty and chemical expert Ms. Mami Murase is invited to Singapore to be available for media interviews. Ms. Murase, who has completed a chemistry course in graduate school and holds a Master’s degree, is not just an expert in placenta essence but also has a broader understanding of the chemistry behind beauty and skincare products. Her presence in Singapore represents a unique opportunity for media and consumers to gain a deeper insight into the science of beauty from a professional standpoint.

Brand Information (Basic information about Bb lab.)

Name of Company: Bb. LABORATORIES INCORPORATED (Bb. Lab. Inc.)

Date of Incorporation: 7 November, 1997

Capital: 53 million yen

Series Shipment Quantity: Over 1,600,000 units *As of end of Aug 2023

SNS:Instagram:@bblab._sg Facebook:Bb Laboratories Singapore