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Hirado Castle Stay Kaiju Yagura Launches “Lord of Castle Stories” Package Limited to Two People Per Couple Per Night from March 29th, 2022

Thoroughly enjoy the experience of being the lord of a castle through this lavish 1,100,000 yen package that allows you to rent out an entire castle to enjoy special experiences, such as pickup and drop-off in a limousine and exclusive access to the castle tower.

NAGASAKI, Japan — The Hirado Tourism Association (Hirado, Nagasaki; President: Miyoshi Fujisawa; Hereinafter referred to as “Hirado DMO”) and Noroshi, Inc. (Hirado, Nagasaki; President: Seiya Kurakake; Hereinafter referred to as “Noroshi”) will begin accepting reservations for a new package named “Lord of Castle Stories” at Hirado Castle Stay Kaiju Yagura starting Tuesday, March 29th, 2022.

Hirado Castle Stay Kaiju Yagura is a private guestroom that can only be rented out by a pair of guests each night and features an interior design that blends traditional and modern elements. It has a bathroom with glass panes on three sides to give you a sweeping view of the ocean and Hirado Bridge below you. You can also enjoy French cuisine that is made using carefully-selected ingredients from Hirado for dinner.

In addition to special experiences that are distinctive of Castle Stay, such as exclusive access to the castle tower and tourist experiences involving a kagura show and Japanese tea ceremony, this package also includes round trip travel from Fukuoka Airport in a limousine, offering guests a luxurious experience that gives the feeling as if one is the lord of Hirado Castle from airport arrival until take off on the return home.

Hirado DMO and Noroshi developed this package out of a desire for the Castle Stay to serve as a catalyst for people to interact with the culture and nature of Hirado, which abounds with history, and to take in its charm without reserve. We would be delighted if we are able to share the charm of Hirado Castle and Hirado City to as many people as possible through this package.

“Lord of Castle Stories” Package Overview

Price: 1,100,000 yen per night per room (taxes and service fees are included)

Reservations: Available starting Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

Package Details: Accommodation for 2 days and 1 night (including 2 meals: dinner and breakfast)

Pickup and drop-off in a limousine (round trip from Fukuoka Airport to Hirado Castle)

Lord of Castle tourist experiences (Hirado kagura show, Chinshin-ryu Japanese tea ceremony, and exclusive access to the castle tower at night)

Package Information:


Hirado Castle Stay Kaiju Yagura Overview

Name: Hirado Castle Stay Kaiju Yagura

Address: 1446 Iwanoue-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki in Japan

Guest Rooms: 1 Room

Facilities: Area of 119.76 ㎡ / Two-story building / Bedroom / Living and dining room /

Traditional Japanese corner / Wooden deck / Double beds (2) /

Wash basins (2) / Bathroom (with shower and floor heater) / Restrooms (2) /

Wine cellar (small) / Refrigerator (small) / Coffee maker

Access: About 2 hours by car from Fukuoka Airport

Home Page:

Inquiries: Please reach out to us through the Inquiry form on the page linked in the above URL.

Hirado City Overview

Hirado City, where Hirado Castle is located, stretches thin and long from north to south across the Hirado Channel from the northwest corner of mainland Kyushu. When you cross over from the mainland on Hirado Bridge, which has a bright vermilion color, you enter a mystical land with an abundance of nature that has been certified as a World Heritage Site. Hirado, which has long prospered as a port town, is also a well-known gateway for foreign cultures and still has buildings and ruins that tell its history. Every year, many tourists visit this beautiful island that shows a different charm depending on the season. Given that it is surrounded by the sea, Hirado has many local specialty products. In addition to flounder, fan lobster, and other forms of seafood, Hirado is famous for its Hirado Beef, which has a distinct sweet flavor because of the effect that Hirado’s sea breeze has on the cattle. Also, since Hirado is where the Sugar Road begins, you can enjoy casdoce and other sweets too.