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A three-dimensional Japan based on “Gastrogeography™”

While making numerous media appearances, tour guide Misao Toyoshima guides about 200 travelers from around the world each year to produce memorable moments. On October 11th (Mon), a consulting website “Omiyage Memories” filled with Japanese travel information and tips will be launched. Through the new concept “Gastrogeography,™” it enables people who are hungry for travel and tourism information due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic to understand Japanese culture from a three-dimensional perspective.

Website name: Omiyage Memories

Website Background
Tourism and travel industries worldwide have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Japan is once again drawing attention due to the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics. As vaccinations progress and lockdowns are being lifted around the world, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for travel and tourism. As the COVID-19 pandemic is stabilizing around the world and we start to see signs of returning to daily life, there is an even greater interest in exploring Japan from a three-dimensional perspective than before COVID-19. To provide a deeper travel experience, a travel professional who is very familiar with traveling in Japan reveals how to understand Japanese culture, beginning with “food,” and shares those charms to the world.

Website Features
1. Online Consulting
This section deals with trip planning. We provide detailed advice to visitors who are planning a trip to Japan according to their wishes and preferences.

2. Gastrogeography™: Getting to know Japan in 3D
In order to make your trip to Japan even more memorable, we will introduce the components that make up Japanese culture and tradition as a whole in three dimensions based on history, geography, and seasonality, with a focus on foods rich in local color. Each of these themes is used as a puzzle piece to the multifaceted “Japanese culture” as we guide you in putting the pieces together.

3. Japan’s Hidden Masterpieces
Misao Toyoshima, author of “139 Views of Japanese Souvenirs,” conveys the charms of lesser-known gems that she discovered while traveling throughout Japan, such as hidden masterpieces unique to each region and recommended spots.

4. For Japanese DMOs
As tour guides who stand at the forefront of travel, we provide information based on the latest knowledge and collaborate with DMOs all over Japan to develop new products unique to each region (tours and souvenirs).

Site Overview
Website name: Omiyage Memories
Supported browsers:Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge
Launch date and time: October 11th, 2021 (Mon) 0:00 (JST)
Usage fee: Free/Additional charges 3,000 yen/30 minutes (tax included)
Operation/planning: Misao Toyoshima

Website operation/planning
Misao Toyoshima
Licensed tour guide, medical interpreter/pharmacist, and Japan Sommelier Association Sake Diploma holder. She works primarily with European clients, mainly from Northern Europe (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway), as a private tour guide, doing company tours, and as an attendant for musicians touring in Japan. In recent years, she has worked in regional tour guide training courses sponsored by local governments and as a university lecturer in the tourism department, as well as participating in the production of programs introducing Japan on national and international broadcasting stations. She appeared on TBS radio program “Arakawa Kyokei’s Day Catch!”. She always carries a so-called 7-tool bag (but there are actually about 20 inside) and travels around the country with the creed “if called, I will come right away.


139 Views of Japanese Souvenirs
Base price: 1500 yen + tax

Preface: How to choose OMIYAGE
Chapter 1: Popular gifts
Chapter 2: Great ideas for repeaters
   ⃝ Gifts that are surprisingly popular
   ⃝ Extra edition
Chapter 3:Let’s go OMIYAGE hunting
   ⃝ Antique markets
   ⃝ Shops from other regions
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