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Ex-Googler and Ex-Microsoft engineer developed new workspace SaaS “Soloban” is now available for US

Apollo Corporation (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Keita Suzuki) has announced a closed beta version of Soloban, software for visual information sharing and online conferencing, for US on October 6, 2021.


What is Soloban?
Soloban is an information sharing software that was released in closed beta in October 2021. This service allows you to create a board with just a few clicks that consolidates information from your everyday SaaS and other tools and the web. It can be used for both corporate and personal situations.
Our goal is to create the next generation of WorkOS that will improve productivity by promoting collaboration among all people involved in a project.

The problem soloban solves

The number of tools available to individuals and businesses has increased over the years, making it possible to simplify and automate individual tasks.
On the other hand, you may find yourself spending a lot of time organizing documents into folders and putting them together in a structured manner, spending extra man-hours searching for the information you need, and not being able to collaborate well within your company or with your team because of the disparate information you are looking at. With the increase in the number of tools, issues such as the loss or dispersion of important information and the impersonalization of information management are expected to become more and more apparent in the future.

Soloban was created to address these issues by integrating and visualizing data scattered across local and web tools and desktops to maximize information management and communication efficiency.

Integrate your tools with visual information management software

Soloban allows you to easily integrate the most commonly used tools in your business such as PowerPoint, Excel and other Microsoft365 and Google Workspace document tools and chat tools such as Slack and Teams.

For example, you can easily integrate information that you need to see, such as customer lists created in Excel for sales, PowerPoint documents used for business negotiations, minutes of internal Word meetings, and project progress documents managed in SaaS.
If you are a product manager, you can keep track of your product’s progress and schedule on a single board.
If you are an accountant, you can manage the data you need to edit without having to switch between tabs and windows.
If you are a manager, you can manage these boards by department to simplify the operation.

Of course, it can be used not only by corporations but also by individuals.
We have already received many applications for the closed beta version from executives, managers, consultants, and researchers.

Key Features of Soloban

Soloban has three key features: effortless SaaS integration, real-time updates and collaboration.
All you need to integrate is a SaaS account and a URL and you can instantly integrate any tool with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can customize your board by simply dragging and dropping.

In addition, all connected SaaS are updated in real time and the freshness of the information is visualized so that you can understand it at a glance.

In addition, the boards you create can be shared with your colleagues and friends.
With just a few clicks, you can use the beautiful board you created to collaborate, comment, and manage tasks with the people you want to share it with.

Reduce the cost of accessing information by having your board consist of the important information you really need to see.
The information is neatly organized, which improves work efficiency and collaboration.

Product design based on cognitive science and information engineering
Soloban’s product design is based on the results of research in cognitive science and information technology.
For example, cognitive science has shown that humans are not strictly capable of multitasking.

In fact, we appear to be multitasking by switching between single tasks as needed.
However, this task switching places a lot of cognitive load on us, causing psychological stress and performance degradation. Furthermore, the increasing number of tools we use in recent years has increased the tendency to force us to multitask.

In order to provide an optimal experience for the user, Soloban has rethought from the ground up the directory structure of folders commonly used in conventional information engineering and adopted a structure for information that applies the latest in graph theory to allow users to freely manage information on a single board. Through Soloban, we are offering the world a form of information organization based on the latest cognitive science and information engineering.

We believe that once you use Soloban, you will realize that you have been unconsciously exhausted by your daily information organization. (The UI/UX, including the structure of this information, and the system of tool integration are patent pending.

About Application
We are currently recruiting users for the closed beta version.

We have already received applications from more than 100 companies in Japan, and now we are looking for 100 companies/people from the US as an additional user.
Although there are only a few spots left, we hope you will apply.

All applicants will be granted early access to the public version.
Participation is free of charge, so please feel free to apply.

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