A tour made by Crying Therapist and picked up by the BBC to raise immunity and relieve stress by shedding tears will be held in Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura, the destination of the tour, is the place of the Genpei(Warrior) War. It is an area where there are crying spots that make you feel the sorrow of ups and downs and move your heart. In addition, you can visit the impressive crying scenery there.

Crying therapist (Tears therapist) Hidefumi Yoshida, who advocates “rui-katsu” to relieve stress by crying consciously and produces “Tears and travel Cafe Akane”, a coffee shop where you can cry thoroughly in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, proposes a Kamakura tour with accommodation service so that you can experience the tears of excitement brought about by the mysterious spots and the nature and history of Kamakura. Due to its popularity, the next tour will be held on December 27, 2020. Incorporating a mechanism that naturally overflows with tears, it provides an opportunity to relieve the stress caused by corona fatigue.

Participants shed tears about the destruction of the Kamakura Shogunate
at the Hojo clan’s belly-cutting turret.

“Rui-katsu” to keep your mind and body healthy, and to prevent infection with the new coronavirus

Rui-katsu is a health method that aims to detoxify the mind by actively shedding tears. When people cry for only a few minutes, our autonomic nerve switches from the sympathetic nerve, which promotes tension and excitement, to the parasympathetic nerve, which is a relaxed state of the brain. The brain is healed and the accumulated stress can be relieved. In addition, crying activates lymphocytes that affect immunity and repels viruses that cause diseases such as the new coronavirus. At the same time, the activity of IgA, an immune substance that protects the body surface, is activated. It blocks viruses that invade through the eyes and mouth and greatly reduces the risk of getting infections, helping to prevent various illnesses.

A mini seminar is being held on the benefits of tears.

In Kamakura, the land of the Genpei War, there are spots that hit the lacrimal glands everywhere.

The  Kamakura rui-katsu tour is a tour of the historical town of Kamakura. The reason Yoshida chose Kamakura is that there are many crying episodes such as the Genpei War. There are many spots where you can’t help but feel the sorrow of the rise and fall.

This tour is also drawing attention from the British national broadcaster BBC and the German national broadcaster ARD. The official website has a video introducing Rui-katsu and the tour in detail.

It was also featured in the November 23 issue of the “Weekly Travel Journal,” which is famous as Japan’s first magazine specializing in the “overseas travel industry,” as a “case of interest.”

・British national broadcast BBC “Kamakura Rui-katsu Tour” introduction video:

・German national broadcast ARD “Kamakura Rui-katsu Tour” introduction video (after 16:20):

From the observatory of the Gionyama Hiking Course,
participants can see the impressive view of the Kamakura sea and cityscape.
Participants feel tears
in the relaxing effect of the sutra experience.
Kencho temple is said to be the power spot of the sky and the tengu.
12 mysterious statues of the tengu welcome the tour participants.
At the end of the tour, in front of the statues of the tengu,
Yoshida talks about the statues enshrined as a god

The importance of mental health care

At present, more and more companies try to improve the working environment through work style reforms and mandatory stress checks, but as before, there have been more long working hours and work days off. Many workers are physically and mentally exhausted. There is a situation where mental health care reform is not progressing well. Since it’s difficult to be in a completely stress-free environment, it’s important to find a way to get rid of stress. So Yoshida feels the need to spread “rui-katsu”.

【Hidefumi Yoshida】PROFILE

He was born in Japan in 1975.He studied psychology and education at Waseda University, and researched human resource management at the same graduate school.After working at a welfare facility for the elderly and at school, He took on his current position.He is a former high school teacher and school counselor. He started “Rui-katsu” in 2013.In 2014,He founded the certification “Crying Therapist(Tears Therapist)” with Hideo Arita, a doctor, brain physiologist and emeritus professor of Toho University School of Medicine. As Crying therapist, He held tears workshops and lectures at schools (for students, teachers and PTA), hospitals (for medical personnel such as patients, doctors and nurses), companies and local governments. He is called Tears teacher.

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・”Tears theacher has been made into a movie and can now be seen in The New York Times.

・Yoshida will hold an online lecture on the Kamakura tour and Rui-katsu by the ZOOM from 23:00 to 24:00 JST on December 19 in Hope Festival from Pari.Hope Festival is a “participatory free online event” with the goal of expanding the circle of hope around the world.Participation fee is free.

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