Legendary Japanese Guitarist “Takeshi Terauchi” released a new album – Legendary Japanese Guitarist Takeshi Terauchi Will Rise Again on His New Double Album “Mr. Electric Guitar The Terry World” on November 11th,2020.

TAKESHI TERAUCHI & BLUE JEANS, a legendary Japanese music band is excited to announce their new album, “Mr. Electric Guitar The Terry World.

In the 1960s, when The Ventures, The Astronauts, and other American electronic guitar instrumental bands were dominating the world, Takeshi Terauchi, the father of the electric guitar in Japan, led his band Blue Jeans in recordings, live performances, and other activities, releasing 33 records of LPs alone between 1963 – ’69.

With that said, this double album is being released as newly composed and remastered versions of Japanese traditional and folk music and classical music that Takeshi Terauchi recorded in a single take in the studio in 1971. This best album, which is worth listening for Takeshi Terauchi’s distinctive sound and guitar techniques, will be released to Japan and the rest of the world on November 11th, 2020 as the pride of Japan.

<Folk Music>

Kuroda Bushi
Soran Bushi
Hanagasa Ondo
Tsugaru Jyongara Bushi
Okosa Bushi
Soma Bonuta
Komoro Magouta
Yosakoi Bushi
Saitaro Bushi
Nooe Bushi
Kiso Bushi
Hietsuki Bushi

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<Classical Music>

Symphony No. 5
Concerto For Piano
In a Persian Market
Symphony No. 8
Hakucho No Mizuumi
Ungarische Tanze
Orphee Aux Enfers
The Whistler And His Dog
Sabre Dance
Un bel divedremo

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