General Availability of GridDB® Enterprise Edition 4.5: Features Advanced Enterprise Functionalities

KAWASAKI― Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) today announced the general availability of GridDB 4.5, a purpose-built database for IoT and Big Data workloads. The latest version features advanced enterprise functionalities.

GridDB Enterprise Edition 4.5 provides better security with enhancements in Data-in-Transit Encryption and User Authentication, as well as improvement in administration functionalities such as the Integrated Administration Tool and Command-Line Interface. The latest edition also unifies the previous two GridDB products.

Furthermore, the server specification for one unit of license has been lowered, making it possible to start with a smaller configuration at a lower price. As the amount of data increases, more licenses can be added in small steps to improve cost-efficiency.

Future development will continue towards the support for digital transformation and cyber physical system using IoT and Big Data.

Figure of image of the Product integration

About GridDB

Toshiba developed GridDB entirely in-house, drawing on its extensive expertise in diverse industry verticals. The database combines the power of SQL and NoSQL to ensure efficient accumulation of massive volumes of time series data, and to deliver scalable performance. It offers time series data management, petabyte-scale performance, developer-friendly API, excellent scalability and unwavering reliability—essential characteristics of IoT and Big Data database.

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* 1 NoSQL: General term for new database management system other than Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

* 2 SQL (Structured Query Language): the standard language for RDBMS.

* 3 GridDB is a registered trademark of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation in Japan.