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Call for entry started on July 1st, 2020. We look forward to your entry.

Application Guidelines

Exhibition Purpose

The Toyama Glass Art Museum has opened submissions for its Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2021. This exhibition is an international, open-submission triennial that showcases outstanding works of contemporary glass art from around the world. Our mission is to support breakthroughs in creative expression. Your work could be among them. We look forward to your submission.


The Executive Committee of The Toyama International Glass Exhibition

Toyama City

Toyama Glass Art Museum


■Applicant Eligibility: Open to all nationalities, ages, and professional levels

■Application Fee: None


  1. Works must be primarily composed of glass.
  2. No limitations on genre or function of submitted works.
  3. Only works created since April, 2018 are eligible.
  4. Works that have already been submitted to other competitions will not be accepted.
  5. Number of works: Each applicant (individual or group) may submit up to two works.
  6. The applicant must own the works submitted and the copyright to them.
  7. Works may not infringe third party intellectual property rights and/or copyrights. The applicant must acquire permission from the owner(s) of the intellectual property to use a logo, symbol, work of art, film, photograph, video, program, music, etc., in the work in question prior to submission. If the third party should claim infringement of the right and/or compensation, these are the sole responsibility of the applicant. The organizers of this exhibition will not be liable.
  8. Size of work: The total of the width, depth and height of the work must not exceed 240 centimeters.
  9. For an installation, the floor area occupied by the work (including special fixtures, equipment, etc.) must be less than 9㎡ . The height should be less than 3.3 meters.
  10. Weight of works: Total weight must be less than 100 kilograms (220 pounds).
  11. If the installation of the work requires special fixtures or equipment (lighting, projector, monitor, transformer, etc.), they must be already attached to or included in the work.
  12. Video works are limited to those in which glass plays the major role or performance pieces using glass. The length of the video must be no longer than one minute.
  13. The work must not include animals, plants, fire or dangerous materials that Toyama Glass Art Museum prohibits bringing into its premises.
  14. Violations of public order and morals are not permitted.

Application Period

Open Call for Entries: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Application Deadline: Thursday, December 10, 2020

 Online entry applications submitted through the website must be received by 11:59 p.m. on December 10, 2020 (Japan time).

*As the deadline approaches, it may become difficult to access our website due to increased applicant traffic. Please submit your entry as early as possible.

Judging Panel

First judging  (based on digital images of the works)

Saturday, February 20 & Sunday, February 21, 2021

Diane C. WRIGHTInterim Director, Curatorial Affairs, Senior Curator, Glass and Decorative Arts, Toledo Museum of Art
ITO JunjiHonorary Director of Toyama Glass Art Museum, Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Critic
SHIBUYA RyojiDirector of Toyama Glass Art Museum
SHIMA AtsuhikoDirector of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Susanne Jøker JOHNSENHead of Exhibitions of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
ZHANG LinFounder, Director and Executive CEO of Shanghai Museum of Glass

Second judging (based on actual works)

Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18, 2021

AKIMOTO YujiDirector and Professor of the University Arts Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director of Nerima Art Museum, Art Critic
Devin MATHISExecutive Director of UrbanGlass
ITO JunjiHonorary Director of Toyama Glass Art Museum, Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Critic
Susie J. SILBERTCurator of Postwar and Contemporary Glass, Corning Museum of Glass
Sven HAUSCHKEDirector of Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Curator of European Museum of Modern Glass
TAKEDA AtsushiVisiting Professor of Tama Art University, Art Critic

* In alphabetical order


Grand PrizeJPY 3,000,000(1 Work)
Gold PrizeJPY 1,000,000(1 Work)
Silver PrizeJPY 200,000(5 Works)
Special Judges’ PrizeJPY 100,000(2 Works)

*Works receiving the Grand Prize or Gold Prize shall be donated to the Toyama Glass Art Museum.

*Prizes are subject to tax.

To Submit an Entry

Point your browser to the Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2021 official website, go to the application form, and fill in all the necessary information.

For each work, please attach three digital photos (taken from different angles).

The images must be in JPEG format, 2MB–10 MB, 300–350 dpi, and the longest side should be no greater than 20 cm.

*approximately 2,000 x 3,000 pixels

■When attaching digital images, please note the following

If your work is selected, the image you have labelled “1,”  of the three submitted images, will be used in the catalogue and related activities including press relations. When you save the digital image, please make sure that the up-down and left-right directions are correct. Even if the image were saved in wrong directions and used incorrectly in the printed materials, the executive committee will not be held responsible.

For a video work, please attach images correctly representing the contents of the video. If the work is selected, the image you have labelled “1” of the attached images will be printed in the catalogue. 

■When entering an installation

If you are entering an installation, please attach images that show its whole situation (PDF format, about four pages of A4 size). Please save the PDF file in the minimum size (within 2MB) and make sure that the file has the .pdf filename extension.

Please do not compress files or set file security.

■When submitting a video work

Please upload your work on YouTube (video sharing site, with for “unlisted” use as the privacy setting, and please state the URL on the application form. Please make the video viewable and data-obtainable until July 30, 2021. For the volume of the data to be uploaded, please follow the restrictions of the application you use. For the data format, please make it either mov or mp4.


■ First Judging

For the first judging, submitted digital images and application items will be screened on Saturday, February 20 & Sunday, February 21, 2021.

Announcement of the Results

Results of the first judging will be announced on the exhibition website.

Successful applicants will also receive notification by e-mail and postal mail.

Along with the result notification, “Request for Exhibition” and “Exhibition Agreement” forms will be sent to the successful applicants. Applicants are requested to send back the “Exhibition Agreement” form by the date given in the “Request for Exhibition.” 

Shipment of Works

Please send selected works to the address stated in the “Request for Exhibit” form by the stated date.

Please pack selected works in a durable storage box or case sturdy enough to protect the work from damage during shipping.

The cost of shipping and insuring works shall be paid by the applicant. 

If works are damaged during shipping, the secretariat of the executive committee shall inform the applicant. Cases shall be handled and settled by the applicants and the artworks carrier used.

For the second judging and exhibition, works will be installed as indicated in the submitted digital images.

If there is a specific request for installation of a work, please attach the specifications.

The works that will be sent to the second judging will be designated “Selected Works”.

Works that are different from the digital images already submitted, works that are broken when arriving at the first judging venue, and works that do not meet the requirements of the application rules are disqualified and will not proceed to the second judging.


<The following applies only to overseas applicants>

On the assumption that all works except for the Grand Prize and Gold Medal winners will be returned to exhibitors after the exhibition is over, customs must be cleared for all works submitted from outside Japan.

If the work involves animals and/or plants, please consult the secretariat beforehand. If such work is submitted without prior notice, it will be disqualified.

Do not use wooden packing materials other than plywood.  

Customs clearance takes time. Please consider the time required so that your work will arrive by the due date for entries.

The cost of shipping and insurance for the work from the applicant’s closest international airport to an international airport in Japan (TBD) shall be paid by the exhibitor.

Expenses for customs clearance at an international airport in Japan (TBD) and transportation costs within Japan shall be paid by the executive committee.

Please correctly complete the INVOICE. Omitted information may cause customs not to be cleared.

■Second Judging

The second judging will be conducted with the actual works on Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18, 2021

The prize-winning works will be determined during the second judging.

■Announcement of the second judging results and review meeting

A review meeting will be held on Sunday, April 18, 2021, and the prize-winning works will be announced. The results will be posted on the website and provided to the press as well as major art, design, and crafts-related organizations in Japan and various media, including overseas glass magazines.

The judging results will be sent to all the second judging entrants via e-mail and postal mail.


All the selected works will be exhibited in the Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2021 and will be shown in its catalogue.

Period: Saturday, July 10 – Sunday, October 3, 2021

Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum

Management of Works

The executive committee will insure all exhibited works for the duration of the event, from acceptance to return. The works will be treated with utmost care when unpacked and installed for the exhibition by an artworks carrier designated by the executive committee. The executive committee does not, however, assume liability for compensation to exhibitors if unexpected occurrences result in damage or loss of any artworks. Exclusive rights to use the prize-winning and selected works will belong to the organizer until the end of the exhibition .

To ensure correct insurance coverage, please specify the value of your work.

The copyrights on the works belong solely to the entrants.

However, use of the intellectual property rights with respect to each work is stipulated as follows:

When the executive committee conducts public relations activities and exhibitions, it is permitted to use the intellectual property rights of the works in question.

The executive committee is also able to use without charge the images of the works (or portraits) submitted by the entrants for the exhibition catalogue, postcards, posters, flyers, website, posts on SNS, etc. In addition, the organizers reauthorize third parties, including the mass media, to use the images in various media.  Other information such as winners’ names and titles of works will be used on websites and SNS, in art magazines, etc.

There will be no time limit for the duration of use of such materials.

As for the prize-winning and selected works, the executive committee is allowed to take photographs and use them as above.

At the exhibition, general visitors are allowed to take photographs of the exhibition and the exhibited works and post them on the Internet, including their blogs and SNS. (However, taking videos, sketching, photographing for commercial purposes, violation of other visitors’ portrait rights, and the use of tools such as tripods and monopods are prohibited. Depending on the style of the exhibited work, the organizer may limit photography.)

If a work is found to infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights or copyrights, its entry to the competition or winning of a prize will be cancelled.

Return of Works

For return of works submitted from within Japan, the executive committee will consign them to an artworks carrier and will pay the cost of shipping and insurance.


<The following applies only to overseas exhibitors>

For return of works to overseas exhibitors, the executive committee shall pay the expenses for customs clearance, shipping, and insurance to return each work to a designated international airport within each exhibitor’s country.

For returned works, the exhibitor must pay the cost of customs clearance into his/her own country and shipping from the international airport to his/her designated destination.

If the entrant refuses to bear the cost of customs clearance and/or transportation from the international airport to his/her house, or if the work cannot be returned due to an epidemic or other circumstances,  the work will be discarded.

If a work, sent from overseas, is to be shipped to a location within Japan, the executive committee shall pay expenses for transportation and insurance for the work.

Works will be returned in approximately two months of the exhibition’s conclusion.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided by applicants shall be used for purposes related to this exhibition (e.g., communications needed for operations, announcements of judging results, shipping of documents, communicating information about the exhibition, statistical work, return of works, information about the next exhibition, and so on).

Additional Rules

Any matters not stipulated herein shall be decided by the organizer as needs arise.


Please submit all inquiries via the Contact page of our website, in English or Japanese.
We will not be able to reply to lengthy inquiry letters.

Please allow one to two weeks for our reply.

Your understanding is appreciated.

We shall not answer inquiries regarding the outcomes of the judging or award processes.


Secretariat Office of the Executive Committee of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition in Toyama Glass Art Museum

5-1 Nishicho, Toyama City, Toyama 930-0062, Japan