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“TOKYO FINANCIAL AWARD 2020 Financial Innovation Category” The information sessions will be held

The briefing sessions on the submission guidelines, etc. will be held for financial companies considering submissions for the Financial Innovation Category of the Tokyo Financial Award 2020.

Note, however, that participation in the briefing session is not mandatory for applicants.

Session in Tokyo

1st Session: July 22, 2020 (Wed) 17:00-18:00

2nd Session: July 27, 2020 (Mon) 13:00-14:00

※The same explanation will be provided at each session, and please participate in either one.

※The meeting will be conducted in Japanese.


Online conference (Microsoft Teams)

(We will inform you “How to participate (URL etc.)” after receiving your application.)

How to Apply

To apply for the briefing session, please send an email to the secretariat ( stating the following information.
※Please make an application at least a business day prior to each session. (1st session: by July 21 (Thu) 18:00 (JST) ; 2nd session: by July 22 (Wed) 13:00 (JST))


  1. Company name:
  2. Department name:
  3. Number of Participants:
  4. Participant name (All of participants):
  5. Contact (Email):
  6. Contact (Phone number/Main phone number):
  7. Date you wish to participate: 1st Session/2nd Session
    1st Session: July 22, 2020 (Wed) 17:00-18:00
    2nd Session: July 27, 2020 (Mon) 13:00-14:00
  8. Matters you wish to know at the briefing session:


Session in Foreign Countries

In addition to the briefing session in Tokyo, the sessions will be held in London, Paris, San Francisco and Singapore at “Access to Tokyo”, which is a base to attract foreign companies. For details, please send an email to the contact in each city stating the following information.


Date&Time: TBD


Date&Time: TBD

San Francisco

Date&Time: TBD


Date&Time: TBD