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BanaDIVE™ AX Interactive Virtual Character Performance System Integrating game AI and xR. The first in the world.

~ First public DJ play performed at “ASOBINOTES” ONLINE FES, a free no spectator online event. ~

BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.
2-37-25 Eidai, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President NAKATANI Hajime

In pursuit of our vision of “Creating New Values in Entertainment”, BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “BNR”) has successfully developed the “BanaDIVE™ AX”, an interactive virtual performance system created by integrating game AI (Artificial Intelligence)1* and xR technology2*.

In this system, using pre-analyzed music, the game AI that incorporates DJ performance (seamlessly joining music, controlling the tempo of music, arousing the audience etc.) is linked with the motions of 3D characters and ambience generated in a live music entertainment venue. We also incorporated interactive entertainment elements such as song selection by real-time voting, music linked visual production and AR audio visual direction. As a result, DJ and audiences can, whether at the venue or in remote locations, experience immersive live performances together.

In addition to producing live events organized by Bandai Namco Group and conducting experimental collaborations with characters and music creators, BNR will continue to conduct research and development of future entertainment, including collaboration with deep learning-based AI and
mechanism to arouse audiences around the world.

*1 Game AI is a technology based on logicalized behavior of characters and used in many games, such as the monster behavior AI in the video game Pac-Man and COM player behavior control of fighting game “Tekken”.
*2 xR technology is a generic term for expression technology that combines the real world and virtual worlds, such as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality), and is used in various entertainment content in addition to games.

In addition, we are holding an experimental live performance at the free online event “ASOBINOTES ONLINE FES” (organized by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Co., Ltd.) to be held on Sunday, June 28, 2020. With this live performance, which will be distributed worldwide without audiences, we will also hold a “real-time voting” that will connect with remote audiences.
For details, please refer to the attached sheet “Reference material”.

[System overview]
Name: “BanaDIVE™ AX”
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.
Development cooperation: Smile Boom Co., Ltd. (HQ: Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Copywrite notice: © BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.

  • “Pac-Man” and “Tekken” are registered trade marks of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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■ Profile of OKUBO Hiroshi
General Producer of “BanaDIVE™ AX”,
an interactive virtual character performance system Joined Namco Co., Ltd. (present BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.) in 1994 as a sound creator. Responsible for sound design and track creation for numerous game titles.
Collaborated with BPM King Street Sound label of NY on music for the drive game “R4 -Ridge Racer Type 4” in 1998. Adopted authentic house music in game music. Created and directed many interactive contents mainly featuring dance music.
Also active in developing music composing applications and as creator and sound designer in fields other than games, e.g. automobile and home sound direction.
Participated in many official and private events as DJ and hosted club party events himself.

Currently General Manager of Innovation Strategy Division, BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.
Representative titles: Ridge Racer series, Ace Combat series, Tekken series and others.

■ Freeon-lineevent “ASOBINOTESONLINEFES” overview
Event date: Sunday, June 28, 2020 Open: 15:30 / Close 16:00
Organizer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Free on-line event of ASOBINOTES, a label of Sound Entertainment Division of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment featuring “PLAYING”(ASOBI) with “SOUND (NOTES)”.
Japan’s world-class subculture will be divided into four genres: “CHARACTER”, “GAME”, “VIRTUAL”, and “AKIBA POP”, and will be distributed from Shinkiba Studio Coast (no audience) to the whole

Distribution channel:
YouTube Live and Asobi Store
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