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“Stop Piracy!” Cartoons Prepared for Raising Public Awareness

– Part of the measures against Piracy distributed online –

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), in collaboration with the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) and the The Publishers PR Center, prepared a series of cartoons titled “Stop Piracy!” exclusively for raising public awareness of Piracy and, on June 12, 2020, started releasing these cartoons in sequence on the CODA website.

1. Purpose

Against the backdrop that websites distributing Piracy cause serious damages to industries across borders and this is considered a social problem, the government, under joint name with related ministries and agencies, formulated an action plan titled “Menu of Comprehensive Measures against Piracy Distributed Online and Time Schedule of the Measures” in October 2019 and released it. Presently, the responsible ministries and agencies have been advancing their efforts under the menu and time schedule.

As part of the effort for the step of “Copyright Education and Public Awareness Raising” under the menu, METI, in collaboration with CODA and the The Publishers PR Center, prepared 16 cartoons titled “Stop Piracy!” (see the Appendix) exclusively for raising public awareness of Piracy. From June 12, 2020, METI will release four cartoons every week in sequence on the CODA website.

2. Details of these cartoons

These cartoons are accessible on the CODA website. For details, visit the CODA website through the link below.

In addition to these cartoons, this website will release videos. METI wishes that many of you will watch these videos as well as read the cartoons.

Moreover, some electronic bookstores will distribute this content free of charge, while some companies will distribute paper-brochure versions of such content at cartoon- and animation-related events.

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