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JR East Group offers vegan and Muslim-friendly sweets!

●JR East Group operates the Shinkansen and other trains over a network of railways that cover half the main island of Japan.
● With the Tokyo 2020 Games approaching, the number of international visitors to Japan with a wide range of preferences when it comes to food is increasing.
● To provide all visitors the chance to enjoy Japanese sweets souvenirs, JR East Group, in collaboration with three popular confectionery companies, is promoting food diversity with its “Plant Based Sweets Series” souvenirs.
● The solely plant-derived “Plant Based Sweets Series” will go on sale Tuesday, February 25 at some locations including Tokyo Station.

“Plant Based Series” Product Summary

1) Concept
・ To share delicious, high-quality food from Japan with people around the world.
・ “Plant Based Sweets Series” offers Tokyo confectioneries made entirely from plant materials.
・ “Plant Based Sweets Series” contain no ingredients from animals, sugar refined from animal bones, honey, or alcohol.
Icons on the packaging will show that its contents are plant-based.

※Vegan sugar is sugar that has not been refined from animal bones.

2) Logo
This logo is attached to selected products by JR East Group.

The logo’s image of plants enveloped by two leaves conveys the idea of “plant-based only ingredients” and respect of various dietary lifestyles. The words “JAPAN QUALITY” at its center proudly states that the product was produced in Japan and is of the highest quality.

Product Summary

The “Plant Based Sweets Series” launches with products developed by three well-known Tokyo confectionery makers using the finest Japanese culinary craftsmanship.

1,200 JPY / 8pieces (tax included)
2,400 JPY / 16pieces (tax included)

Tokyo Campanella Brown sandwich milk-free chocolate between three butter-free crunchy French biscuits. The dough is made from whole wheat flour and 100% pure sudakito sugar from sugar cane on the Amami Islands, creating an irresistible flavor that melts in your mouth.

Manufactured by: I’ll Co., Ltd.: Leading Product “Tokyo Campanella”

Almond Caramel Sandwiches (Tokyo Banana World)
680 JPY / 4pieces (tax included)
1,296 JPY / 8pieces (tax included)

Tokyo Banana delivers “really good vegan food.” From the savory caramel filled with roasted almonds to the almond-scented cookie dough coating, Almond Caramel Sandwiches are chock-full of almonds, and topped off with a hint of banana.

Manufactured by: GRAPESTONE Co., Ltd.: Leading Product “Tokyo Banana”

Las Olas Series: A collection of six products including Boule de Rouge and Matcha Green Tea cookies
648 JPY / 6 pieces (tax included)
1,296 JPY / 12 pieces (tax included)
 *Price depends on the flavor

The Las Olas Series consists of six different products including Boule de Rouge cookies. Boule de Rouge cookies are coated with raspberry powder, filling each bite with a perfect blend of sour raspberry and cookie sweetness.

Manufactured by: Gâteaux de Voyage Co., Ltd.

Sales Overview

Available: February 25

1) In front of Tokyo Station’s Tohoku, Joetsu, and Hokuriku Shinkansen South Transfer Gate
Opening Hours

2) Nomono Tokyo Store — Located outside the B1 Floor ticket gate of the B1 Marunouchi Underground Central Gate of Tokyo Station
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sat.: 7:00am-10:00pm
Sun. and last consecutive public holiday: 7:00am-9:00pm

※Other shops in Tokyo Station are scheduled to carry “Plant Based Sweets.”


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