Japan’s famous bitcoin app “PitaCoin” launches worldwide.

Updated: January 10, 2020

PitaCoin has distributed over $ 600,000 bitcoin for free in Japan.

“PitaCoin”, which was released in Japan in 2017 and has been distributing bitcoins for a total of over $ 600,000 for free, has been released worldwide.
PitaCoin is a simple app that only predicts whether the price of the next day’s bitcoin will rise or fall. If you answer correctly, you can receive a small amount of bitcoin for free.
Since PitaCoin returns a part of the advertising revenue to users with bitcoin, users can get bitcoin completely risk-free.

Popshoot Co., Ltd., a Japanese fintech startup, released the worldwide version of “PitaCoin” on the google play store in December 2019.

PitaCoin is an application that predicts whether the price of the next day’s bitcoin will rise or fall, and was released in Japan in 2017.

Users can participate in the prediction for free, and if the prediction is correct, they can get bitcoin for free. Since its release until now, PitaCoin has been distributing bitcoins totaling over $ 600,000 to Japanese users.

Since we distribute bitcoin to users using a part of the advertising revenue as a source, users can get bitcoin without taking any risk.

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As you can see in the screenshot, the user simply taps the “Up” or “Down” button to join the game. And you can receive Bitcoin if the prediction is right.

In addition, you can receive additional bitcoins if you hit the forecast for one week in a row from Monday!

Get your bitcoin every day now.

No risk!

Ryota Morizawa