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Let’s Cry and Relieve Stress and Clean Skin.(Tears also have a beauty effect) -Some events supervised by Crying Therapist ( Tears therapist ), Hidefumi Yoshida will be held in Japan.

Crying therapist (Tears therapist) Hidefumi Yoshida, who helps crying and relieving stress, will hold events in the following three places.

1. Hidefumi Yoshida will supervise the event of tears to be held in the world’s largest planetarium and participate in it . He collaborats with the most famous planetarium amusement park“Asutamurando Tokushima” in Japan.

event outline

・Date: December 22, 2019 15: 40-16: 30

・Venue: AsutaMurando Tokushima Planetarium
  45-22, Natokibigadani, Itanotyo, Itanogun, Tokushima,779-0111, Japan

・contents: The world’s brightest projector projects about 38,000 stars on a 20m diameter dome. Customers look up at the starry sky and listen to music and cry. For the first 5 minutes, Crying Therapist, Yoshida will explain the benefits of tears.

【Asutamurando Tokushima】 

Asutamurando Tokushima is an amusement park where you can experience science and nature, with the Children’s Science Center as a core facility that fosters the spirit of science through play and experience. Awarded “2017 Excellence Certification” by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. “Excellence Certification” is an award given to a facility recognized as a top level in providing excellent hospitality and service among facilities worldwide.

2. Hidefumi Yoshida opened a cafe in Tokyo and created a place to cry when people wanted to cry. He will do some events there.

event outline

・Date: January 18, 2020 13:00-15:00
    February 9, 2020 13:00-15:00
    March 8, 2020 13:00-15:00

・Venue: Namidatotabicafe Akane【Tears and Travel Cafe Akane】(Sakai Building 1F,2-1-17, Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051, Japan)

・contents: Yoshida usually offer tears therapy there. He makes customers cry by videos, songs, picture books, and reading stories. After that, he talks about the utility of tears. The target audience is those who want to cry, those who are in need of crying, those who are stressed, and those who are tired of life.


【 Namidatotabicafe Akane<Tears and Travel Cafe Akane>】

phone: 03-5292-1877
cell-phone: +81-70-6648-3039

3. Hidefumi Yoshida will hold an event of tears to make customers beautiful at a nail salon in Tokyo. Tears are also effective for beauty.

event outline

・Date: January 29, 2020 11:00-12:30

・Venue: Nail Salon Nail Room Noel(Mejiro IT Building 401, 5-5-6 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0031, Japan)

・contents: While Yoshida makes the customer cry, the manicurist performs nail treatment for them. After they cry, their appearance is beautiful. Tears can be expected to release stress, actively move parasympathetic nerves, and adjust hormone balance. As a result, if the female hormones are secreted normally, their skin condition will improve.
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【Nail Salon Nail Room Noel】

To spread the mysterious power of “tears”

The reason Yoshida started ” ruikatsu (tears activity)※see the following” actisinging goes back when he was a high school teacher. Many students consulted him with various emotions. Among them, some students who consulted while crying, unlike other students, did not consult the same many times. Therefore, he thought that“Tears have a mysterious power” and found out that the purifying effect of tears was scientifically proved while studying various literatures. I made a qualification called tears therapist with Hideho Arita, a professor and physiologist at Toho University School of Medicine.

※” ruikatsu ” is an activity to relieve stress by actively crying. By tearing, the human autonomic nerve switches from a state in which the sympathetic nerve that promotes tension and excitement is dominant to a state in which the parasympathetic nerve that promotes relaxation and rest is dominant. ruikatsu is a stress relief method using this mechanism.

The importance of mental health care

At present, more and more companies try to improve the working environment through work style reforms and mandatory stress checks, but as before, there have been more long working hours and work days off. Many workers are physically and mentally exhausted. There is a situation where mental health care reform is not progressing well. Since it’s difficult to be in a completely stress-free environment, it’s important to find a way to get rid of stress. So Yoshida feels the need to spread ” ruikatsu “.

<Hidefumi Yoshida’s Profile>

Hidefumi Yoshida was born in Japan in 1975.He studied psychology and education at Waseda University, and researched human resource management at the same graduate school.
After working at a welfare facility for the elderly and at school, he took on his current position.
In 2014, he founded the certification “Crying Therapist (Tears Therapist)”  with Hideo Arita, a doctor, brain physiologist and emeritus professor of Toho University School of Medicine.
As tears therapist, he held tears workshops and lectures at schools (for students, teachers and PTA), hospitals (for medical personnel such as patients, doctors and nurses), companies and local governments.

Please feel free to contact him if you need any further information.

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