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DEA Acquires Copyright for “The Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Salaries & Jobs”

As of November 2019, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. has acquired all rights, including those to publication and game adaptations, for the intellectual property (IP) “The Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Salaries & Jobs”.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. is currently developing a new blockchain-utilizing platform enterprise set to revolutionize the entertainment business from Singapore to the world and is using this IP to develop the blockchain-linked game “JobTribes”.( Recruitment of testers for the closed-β is due to begin March 2020.

In addition, the bestselling “Illustrated Dictionary of Jobs” which sold 400,000 copies in Japan will be translated and published in countries around the globe.

Through partnerships around the world, DEA shall deploy a global entertainment business from Singapore to the world utilizing this IP.

Through its strong connections with Japanese IP-owners, DEA shall develop multiple businesses in Singapore using popular IPs.

Kompe Yamada, Original Author of “The Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Salaries & Jobs”, commented, It was only a few years ago that “Salary BANK”, which I had been working on since 2016, was published and now the project is set to jump into the global market as both a publication and an online game. The project was based on the idea of “All-Cool Occupations”, and I genuinely hope that it will provide people all over the world with an opportunity to understand what their job is and how it helps others as a part of society. Please continue to support the JobTribes, “Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Salaries & Jobs” franchise!

Kompe Yamada expressed his high hopes for DEA to spread the message around the world, and added, “The promise we made over a year ago at our first meeting was ‘Let’s surprise the world!’ I easily hit it off with the DEA members and its President, Naohito Yoshida who shared such an amazing vision with me. Especially because this was an impactful encounter that occurred just as I was feeling the limitations of expanding ‘Salary BANK’ as a franchise on my own, I look forward to seeing it deploy across the globe! Please fill everyone with the ‘The World is Cool!” sentiment.'”

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.

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