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S&V Holdings Announces Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO, a New Hotel Concept for Travelers

Proud to serve guests, food created in collaboration with local agriculture and craft beer brewed in Nagano Prefecture.

S&V Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo Representative: Ryuichiro Tsuchiya) is excited to introduce the Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO (1426 Minami Ishido-cho, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture), which offers a hotel, cafe bar, and shared office, in addition to lounge rooms in a highly designed space. Reservations can be made on starting from July 25th.

Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO, which takes the concept of “a space where travellers and people living in the city can come together freely to meet,” is a cafe and hotel where guests can connect with different kinds of people, cultures, and values in a leisurely way.

The hotel presents themselves as a new form of hotel, with a cafe and a shared office/lounge in a highly designed space for the enjoyment of backpackers traveling the world, old farmers relaxing over a cup of coffee, music lovers who dance to live music, or nomadic workers who throw themselves into their jobs. They invite you to enjoy a moment that adds a touch of color to everyday life or an unforgettable moment that could change your entire future at Mash Café & Bed NAGANO.

Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO also serves Italian cuisine created with generous amounts of fresh local ingredients in its cafe, working in collaboration with the local agricultural cooperative. The cafe has a wide selection of craft beers brewed in Nagano Prefecture, asking visitors to please enjoy to their heart’s content, the local flavors that can only be experienced there.

Special features of Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO

High quality accommodation space

The dormitory area has bunk beds made of wood for a cozy feeling. BISEI mattresses by the futon company Nishikawa are used for bedding for a comfortable, cozy night’s sleep. Along with a shared dormitory, they also have a women’s only dormitory as well.

A gourmet cafe space

The cafe has a large pizza oven where gourmet pizzas are baked. They invite guests to enjoy dynamic cuisine that can only be savored there and that brings out the flavor of the local ingredients. For example, unsalted grilled vegetables grown and freshly harvested from Nagano’s rich soil. The cafe also serves craft beers and wines.

Share Office/Lounge space

As a venue that facilitates encounters between the many different kinds of people who come to visit, Mash Cafe & Bed have an agreement for share offices in cooperation with nearby companies. In addition, they offer lounge spaces to artists working in Nagano and the rest of Japan. There is also planning for events co-sponsored with local agricultural unions, primarily JA Nagano.

Regarding bookings

Bookings can be made for Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO from the following websites.

The Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO website

Bookings can also be made from hotel booking websites such as… Travel

Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO Overview
Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO
Address: 1426 Minami Ishido-cho, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture
Access: 3 minutes’ walk from JR Nagano Station. 20 minutes by car from the Nagano IC, Joshin-etsu Expressway.
Building: Three stories (total floor space: 740 m2)
Capacity: Total 102 people Male – Female shared dormitory: 48 beds/Women-only dormitory: 26 beds/Private rooms: 7 rooms (28 beds)
(1F lounge seating: 34 seats Shared office seating: 11 seats/2F & 3F hotel: 102 beds)
Telephone: +81-03-5572-6071

Mash Cafe & Bed NAGANO PR Office, Morimoto, Sakai, Nishioka
Tel: +81-3-5572-6071, Fax: +81-3-5572-6075