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“MADE IN JAPAN” Completion of the sample product: 7nm process ASIC chip development project -The world first debut of the wafer-image with 7nm process

TRIPLE-1 Co., Ltd (Fukuoka-city Japan) made an announcement about the completion of the silicon wafer, the sample-chip, the sample-board and the prototype-unit of the mining ASIC chip “KAMIKAZE” for the bitcoin in which the world’s cutting-edge 7nm process technology had been used.

■ The silicon wafer and its sample products have been completed:  

As originally scheduled, the silicon wafer of the “KAMIKAZE”, the sample-chip, sample-board and the prototype-unit have been completed.

*It took about 5 months which was longer than the existing process from the tape-out to productization, because the “KAMIKAZE” has been used the foremost 7nm process technology.

The world major foundry, TSMC Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) will be taking on a role.


■ The features of the “KAMIKAZE”:

The “KAMIKAZE” was generated by the Japanese development engineers who have always been leading the world semiconductor development.

The “KAMIKAZE” optimize the balance of the “processing capacity” and the “electricity consumption” of the mining by being thorough the circuit optimization, depending on several conditions and it has been ideally designed for maximizing the mining profitability.

Also, by using our original semiconductor die packaging, the high gradation of coolability and the miniaturization of the mining system have been realized.

It is intended that the 4 mining boards in total which is one board more than the conventional products will be well equipped.


■ The latest circumstance: 

At the moment, we have been conducting a verification of the function as well as the efficiency on the sample-chip.


■ The development from now on: 

We will commence the arrival of the mass-production chips of “KAMIKAZE” on October 2018 and from November 2018, we are expecting to start the shipping of the mass-production type mining-unit with which the “KAMIKAZE” is equipped.


■ Company outline:

It is a block chain system technology development enterprise established in Japan in November 2016. Since February 2017, we have been proceeding with the development the mining ASIC chip, “KAMIKAZE” for the bitcoin using the 7nm process technology.

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