Award ceremony of contest for new business use of Asahi Kasei’s position and behavior sensing technology

Asahi Kasei and NineSigma Asia Pacific, Inc. (NineSigma) announced the winners of a contest for new business ideas using Asahi Kasei’s position and behavior sensing technology, with the winners from three organizations awarded a total of $35,000 at a ceremony held on May 21, 2018.  Asahi Kasei will now initiate consultations with the award winners regarding implementation of their ideas.


About the contest

Announced on October 17, 2017, the contest for business use cases and applications was held in order to establish unique businesses in the US utilizing Asahi Kasei’s high-performance sensing technology as well as to identify challenges and latent needs in the US.  The contest was managed and administered by NineSigma, which has held many open innovation contests around the world since its founding in 2000.  Please refer to the press release:  Asahi Kasei to hold a contest in the US for new business use of its position and behavior sensing technology.


Summary of the contest result

Focused on business ideas in the US using Asahi Kasei’s position and behavior sensing technology, the contest was announced worldwide.  Many bright ideas were received from twelve countries, reflecting each of their current market needs and potentialities.


Dr. Hideyuki Yamagishi, Lead Executive Officer and Senior General Manager of Corporate Research & Development at Asahi Kasei commented, “All three of the winning ideas were very ingenious, interesting, and useful.  This is a great way for Asahi Kasei to obtain stimulating new business ideas from outside, and we plan to continue to leverage this kind of contest.”


Mr. Akihiko Suwa, CEO of NineSigma Holdings commented, “The contest was an exceptional way for Asahi Kasei to gather new business ideas based on its own technology.  We are pleased that Asahi Kasei could receive from many countries various creative business ideas that they wouldn’t have thought of inside the company.  We look forward to supporting more Japanese companies to develop their business or enhance their manufacturing by leveraging our global network.

At the award ceremony (the three winners in the center)

About NineSigma

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About Asahi Kasei

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