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Tabiko Creates A New Online Travel Habit in Japan The new travel concierge app is getting the attention of foreign travelers around the world.

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 22, 2018—FAST JAPAN Inc. announced that its core product, Tabiko, chat-based travel assistant app, has reached 100,000 installs on App Store and Google Play Store.

Tabiko is a chat-based mobile app that helps foreign travelers from all over the world experience Japan like a local. In a short span of one year since its global launch in 2017, Tabiko has been dedicating to bring authentic hospitality to all over the world. The app features a conversational user interface—ask a question about Japan, and get an answer. Live concierges with local knowledge are on hand to offer suggestions unique places and experiences in Japan. One of the most popular services Tabiko offers is its restaurant reservation service. Tabiko concierges will take your information and call restaurants on your behalf to reserve tables. This type of unique and personal service has garnered over 5,000 successful restaurant reservation so far.

“In 2017, only 20-25% of online bookings in the U.S./Europe and 35-40% of online bookings in APAC were transacted via mobile, although 80% of travelers own smartphones. Conversational user interface is the key to establish clear mobile habits for traveling,” said Yuki Katano, Tabiko CEO and Co-founder.

Available in English and Traditional Chinese from 9AM to 9PM in Japan Standard Time, Tabiko has recorded 4.8 app ratings on an average with over 2,000 reviews from customers.

“Tabiko should be a benchmark of all traveling app that ever exist. Words cannot describe it’s goodness until you try it for yourself. Please keep up the good work. I loved it and will continue to share with friends who need help traveling to Japan.” – Customer review on Google Play

Tabiko also offers over 700 airlines worldwide and 10,000 accommodations in Japan through its partnerships with Amadeus—the world’s leading IT solutions providers for the travel and aviation industry, and—the one of largest online travel agents in Japan provided by RECRUIT LIFESTYLE CO., LTD.. All of which can be booked directly in the app.

Keeping up with the technology advancements, Tabiko aims to integrate sophisticated AI technology with the current real human operation in order to make the concierge service scalable and accessible to everyone in the world. By building a data-driven personalization engine, Tabiko aims to enable its customers to receive highly accurate and personalized contents as we learn from their choices and needs being communicated through Tabiko, thereby providing an enhanced experience as the user prolongs usage.

Looking beyond, FAST JAPAN will continue to enhance Tabiko to bring authentic hospitality to all around the world. Clearly a successful model, expect to see Tabiko expanding into other Asian countries soon besides Japan.


Founded in 2015 in Tokyo, FAST JAPAN has been providing a personal travel concierge service through the smartphone app called Tabiko. Under the mission to bring authentic hospitality to all around the world, Tabiko team consists of 9 young full-time members from all over the world such as the U.S, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, and Japan.

CEO & Co-founder: Yuki Katano
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Founded: November 2015

Media contact:
Kenji Yokoi
Communication Manager, FAST JAPAN Inc.
(81) 3-6447-5043